Creative Every Day Check-In: June 28 – July 4

June 28th, 2010

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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You can also take advantage of the great CED flickr group to post your images and see what others are up to. If you're on Twitter, there's a growing Twitter list of CED participants and you can use the hashtag #CED2010 to help others find your Creative Every Day tweets!

Theme: The (totally optional) theme for June's theme is Bliss. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month and you can feel free to use it to inspire your creations, follow your own muse, or do some combination. You can find out more about this month's theme and some prompts to get you started with June's theme here. The theme for July will be Life, which you read more about here.

Happy Creating!


The way to find out about your happiness is to keep your mind on those moments when you really are happy -- not excited, not just thrilled, but deeply happy. ~Joseph Campbell

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looking forward to these last few days of bliss :)
all of my creating lately has been writing and this week i’d like to dive back into painting.
happy creative week everyone!

life has been getting in the way of creating new art…… maybe i can turn that around somehow with july’s theme!

Hi Leah,

Looking forward to spending July with you. I love the July theme and your lovely, uplifting painting!


Another well-timed theme! I’ve really enjoyed exploring bliss this month :) And if you have a chance to visit my blog, you’ll see that I’ve been pretty busy creating of late:)Thanks for all the inspiration, Leah!

I’ve been away for awhile. But, I thought I’d come back in with a contribution of a little bit of bliss: espresso and drawing in the morning! BLISS indeed. Thanks.

Love the July theme!

I have been busy and inspired and doing a lot of things I have always had on my “I gotta try that” list. It’s been fun, and diving in has indeed left me feeling the bliss!

Although I was creative in June I haven’t really followed the ‘Bliss’ theme. However, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed other people’s creative interpretations of this theme.

Looking towards the ‘Life’ theme….

July sounds great! with the arrival of our newest addition, focus on “Life” is perfect!

Life is Bliss. I’m working toward finishing my studio this week. I’ll post pics and a short video soon. I’m marrying Superman in September so my life is full of joy, bliss and new beginnings.

Leah, you are spot on with selecting the themes for us. Thank you for the inspiration.
xxxooo, Lille

I am slowly trying to catch up oh what I have missed – i am sorry for your loss – plz know that you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers – I love the theme bliss – just saying it creates a smile – take care of you~!~

I sank deep into my bliss last week, making a little diorama of a mad hatter’s tea party. It was so very much fun pulling out all my miniature tea sets and ceramic animals that I collected as a kid and getting to use all my little bits and treasures. Plus now I’m blissfully happy since we’re putting new flooring in our library! Happy happy joy joy!

I haven’t done much with “bliss” for this month in terms of artistic pursuits. However, I enjoyed a bit of bliss every time I listened to music on iTunes just to destress from organic chemistry class (yuck, I know)! I’ve also watched movies and did so many sing-alongs with patients, while one patient was playing the piano. Singing was definitely bliss. A patient and I agreed that we should write a song before she leaves the hospital, so that’s in the works. Also, I made a blue-light purple lanyard! Haven’t done that since I was a kid! So it was really neat to rediscover that! Also, I’ve been writing poetry on and off from my Blackberry. It’s pretty cool.

Can’t wait to focus more for next month on “life”! I actually need that since I’ve been in school this summer! Will definitely enjoy July-August before nursing school stars! :)

[...] creative effort post this week as a CED participant: flower arranging. I cut these from our gardens, fields & roadsides. The entire arrangement is [...]

Well, I’m terrible at staying on topic (bliss) in this CED challenge… but at least I can manage creative exploits week to week :-) I love seeing what others have done. Ideas, ideas, ideas!

My bliss for today will be having my Grandchildren for a sleepover. We will do something creative together…”Grammie, can we do an art project?”…and maybe that will get me back on the creative path that I have wandered away from lately…

A lot of bliss for me lately has come from my gardens. Such amazing flowers that grow from teensy little seeds!
Bliss has also been getting a new hard drive after increasing problems with the old one made computer use a trial.

I’ve been “missing in action” for a while, too, and letting things other than creativity take priority in how I spend my time. However, just in the past few days, I’ve jumped back into creating with some gusto. Thanks for letting us know that those of us who take time away will be welcomed back into the fold without guilt when “life happens”.

Accidentally got started on July’s theme a bit early with my plant photo. But I just joined in on the CED Challenge and am going to see what I can do with my camera phone every day. I’m really excited.

Working on a city doodle in pitt pen and watercolor. I’ve been leaving the watercolors out and adding a bit when I have a few minutes and the kiddos are occupied.

I slowed down a bit through the second half of June, looking forward to getting more done in July. I love the new theme. Should be fun!

I’m excited about next month’s theme!

I am backlogged on posting my creative pursuits but am getting some stuff posted slowly the last few days.

What a lovely challenge you’ve inspired!
I brought on this challenge to myself a few months ago, but didn’t really get into the swing of things until the end of May. I have been going really strong for the last 30+ days (adding a new post everyday) that is infinitely creative and intentionally positive. It’s nice to see that there is already a community of people out there doing this and while it may be on a different bend than mine, it’s still the closest thing I have seen to intentional, positive creativity.

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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