Creative Every Day Check-In: June 7-13

June 7th, 2010

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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Theme: The (totally optional) theme for June's theme is Bliss. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month and you can feel free to use it to inspire your creations, follow your own muse, or do some combination. You can find out more about this month's theme and some prompts to get you started with June's theme here.

Happy Creating!


Pretend you are dancing or singing a picture. A worker or painter should enjoy his work, else the observer will not enjoy it. ~Robert Henri

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Just linked to my blog, so excited to see what every one has done!



I have a giveaway on my blog this month and I made a wedding gift for my sister this weekend. Wedding bliss is one the best bliss’s around, don’t you think? I will post the artwork on my blog after I give it to her on Tues … stay tuned.

I finished a blog design update this weekend and I hope you all can come visit and see today’s photo of some blissfully colorful flowers. :) Have a great week everyone!

bliss will be a good thing to focus on this week, as i have a business trip with all of the attendent travel fun! :)

I cancelled my appearances for Farmer’s Markets for the month of June; my second child is due in July. I find my energy levels are getting lower as time closes to my due date but my confidence in taking time to enjoy my time in the garden, the days that I make soap, my time spent with my toddler, and those rare moments of time to turn the pages of a book that doesn’t include nursery rhymes. I look forward to going back to business in Aug, giving time to prepare for the changes about to occur with our little family. In the meantime, creating, breathing, preparing, just being in the moment….this is where its at.

While I haven’t posted about everything, I have been quite faithful in being creative every day — making collage backgrounds and little “joy notebooks,” gardening, gathering cut flowers, making “art to-do lists” . . . I hope people will check out my posts and leave a comment or two:)


I’ve come to both dread and delight in approaching the daily creative act. Mine is photography, and I have begun posting the result on a new wordpress blog.

I keep forgetting to come post here. Since the past weekend was very productive I figure it was time to post here as well as my blog. My bliss this month is just being in the flow. Have a creative day everyone.

So many wonderful comments and so many places to visit! My bit of bliss this past weekend was braving the heat and humidity to go buy plants for my vegetable garden. Unfortunately, due to the severe thunderstorms they have not beem planted in the garden yet. But I’ll get there. I got off to a great creative start today and now will spend the afternoon with my daughter. One of my favorite types of bliss! Keep those creative juices flowing everyone!

I’ve been deep in my bliss working on a Magpie Mother assemblage box. I love taking junk and turning it into something meaningful.

I am having a lot of fun working with felting and creating new things from old!

Looking forward to taking a peek at everyone else’s creative sparking too!

I have experienced BLISS GALORE from last Thursday through yesterday at an Illustrator’s Workshop! I have been too tired to even post about it on my blog since I got home but hope to do it in the morning. So much to share. It was awesome! Bliss!

I wish I had done a better job at posting – at least weekly – oh well – the end of the school year for an art teacher is a little busy – and baseball season keeps me close to the diamond… I wanted to share some great creativity by one of my special students – see my post
still another 7 days of school left!

Ok I do again

Hi Leah! so good to be back into this again.

I have been down and out for the past 3 months with a post traumatic stress disorder breakdown which is finally coming to a mend, the last week for me has been absolute bliss because I feel myself and are remembering who I am.

So bliss for me now is all the little things that I was looking past…like.. feeling calm and feeling good for a whole day, my wonderfully supportive family, eating food I love, being in love, my wonderful home and town, the abundance I have going on here, caring beautiful friends who I love, being arty, being a mummy and being a blogger..

I have done any bliss art so to spreak but I have just blogged about some healing art and a few posts back there are some disturbing doodles too of my dark times

so I will see you again next week with some purpose built bliss.

I just adore the hearts on the sidewalk, its the best idea ever, mind if I join in??

thanks Leah


Hoping after work to get back to my journal pages I have been painting the backgrounds on… finally a sunny day and no rain.. yippy

Hi everybody! I disappeared in the month of may with so much busyness going on! Looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to! I posted a new painting I finished that really is much more an “intuition” themed painting then “bliss”…but I am catching up and really love this month’s new theme! “bliss” paintings, here I come!

Bliss… seems that the evening at Dinner Bay photo and homemade bake beans that I posted about today fit the bill nicely. Bliss. What is bliss? I think I know but do I really know? Can I show you? Can I put it into words or a painting? Hummmmm… we shall see.

Thank you as always Leah for the chance to focus and set my intentions for the week.

Thank you for the encouragement to keep creating, Leah! It’s always an inspiration for me to see what others are creating too.

Wow, I can see I am going to have my posts ready to go on Mondays. Wow, I’d feel late… except that the CED page says “no pressure,” ha ha!

I am not feeling “bliss” this week, but I posted anyway :-) I made some paper birds as hospital room decorations. I am inspired by nesting birds all over our property. Maybe I can use my creativity to bring some happiness to an infirmed friend?

I love this month’s theme Leah :-)

As usual, I’m terrible at posting all of the creative things I am doing.
However… I’ve been enjoying a technique for making backgrounds on thinner paper without warping/buckling and will be posting a photo tutorial on it hopefully today!
The technique can be used for journal backgrounds, cardmaking, collage, handmade wrapping paper etc.

bliss is not a easy word to translate but i like to participate

I’ve been drawing mandalas in ink; finally pulled out an embroidered mandala set aside months ago. Kept thinking that it would be hard to pick up and continue, and indeed I did forget a bunch of stitches that I’d learned. But it’s almost finished. Took the kiddos to the art museum. A good week.

I bought sidewalk chalk today. And I misread what Tammy wrote – I’ve been drawing mandalas in ink. I read – I’ve been drawing martinis in ink. I think I’ll have a martini tomorrow.

Leah, I like your quote by Robert Henri. Is it from The Art Spirit? Wonderful book.

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