Leaving a Trail of Bliss Behind You

June 5th, 2010

I was feeling a little blue this morning when I woke up, so when I left to do some errands, I was inspired by the bliss theme to add a little fun, adventure, and bliss-spreading into the day.

I took a couple pieces of chalk, put them in a plastic bag, and tucked them into my purse. I parked in a central location and as I walked around doing my errands, I occasionally stopped and stealthily added a chalk heart to the sidewalk and snapped a pic.

They will most likely get washed away by the rain pretty quick, but I hope they'll add a smile to someone's day!

What are some fun, creative ways you could spread some bliss around?

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Love it !!!!

This is delightful!

How about some random acts of kindness — like paying for the coffee of the person in the car behind you at the drive-thru :) Or leaving little toys (for children) and books (for adults) in random places (laundromat, grocery store cart, park bench) with “Take Me Home” tags on them.

They leave me with a smile, what a great idea.

Leaving little happy notes tucked inside of library books, smiling at a stranger, having a fairy picnic in full costume at a public park, making a stop sign cosy, singing Sound of Music songs in public (scary, but with cranky children it can be so useful, and makes everyone else smile too) I think we’re going to take chalk with us to the park the next time we go. I know our chalk drawings on the sidewalk outside our house amuse the pedestrians. I like the “take me home” tags, that’s a cute one.

I love giving compliments to people. I love how it can totally brighten their day. I also really want to try the sidewalk chalk and little notes in library books thing too :) LOVELY post Leah!

Love this! Have thought about scattering some of my SweetHearts or Touchstones in places people can find them. But I truly like the chalk thing!

I love all the ideas of leaving “trails of bliss”…..I live in a retirement community, surprising what a smile and a “how are you doing”, can do. course with some of the older ladies and gents ya gotta be ready to stand there for awhile and LISTEN. (I want to buy some chalk now and paint hearts and flowers on the sidewalk around here…)Peace to all, suzi

What a wonderful idea Leah! I will definitely do this one, I think it will be fun to do with my 4-year old son :)

I very much enjoy being an active participant in the Found Art Tuesday project (started by artist Rosa Murillo). It is very much along the same lines as what you have done here…it has grown to become a group of artists–open to anyone, anyone can participate–who make small pieces of art and leave them (anonymously) in public places for people to find! I just love doing it, it is so fun–a great release, the mystery and excitement of it is something I find rather addicting LOL! It is creative BLISS :) If you’re interested check it out – http://www.flickr.com/groups/foundarttuesday/

Thank you always for your creative inspiration!

I love this blog post! I enjoy simply smiling at people everywhere – at the post office, the grocery store, church, on the street. I also like to say a little prayer for someone when I pass by, not knowing if they are having a good day or a bad day. I just know it is a special little gift that is a secret blessing that just might make that person’s day much better. I know what it does for me!!!!

Oh I just love this idea! I’m going to appropriate it as soon as I can find some sidewalk chalk. Wonderful blissful inspiration.

What a wonderful way to spread some bliss & lift your mood. Inspiring. I’m going to have a think about what I could do along these lines. I’ll let you know.
Kat :-)

I love this idea!! What a little ray of sunshine you are Ms Leah!

How lovely! Made by think of what I used to do last winter: draw hearts on the snowy windows of random cars. As you write, it made me smile to think that maybe, I’ll brighten up somebody’s morning…

Leah, You always invent and initiate the most wonderful inspirations! What a wonderful way to affirm human kindness.
I’m just going to buy some chalk and heart tag the town :-)

Forgive me, folks. Haven’t said lots about bliss yet. But I will!

I like to respond to everyone when I’m doing my errands with A Hello and tell them to have a Great Day.Make some one else feel good is bliss for me.And being courtious even when things are not going well,such as standing in line along time or waiting for an appointment.I really like your hearts if I were to see them along my path they would make smile.

This is such a wonderful idea! I love it. You have an amazing blog, one that I’m sure to continue visiting often. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

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