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June 29th, 2010

I love a good laugh and this month of bliss has made me note where my laughter is coming from. I find it in the ridiculously cute antics of my cats (like this oldie, but goodie above, of two of our kitties, Tabs and Sadie, being very bad on top of the kitchen cabinets in our old apartment), the fun photobooth session I had with the hubster that had me laughing so hard, I nearly peed my pants, and in the funny pictures and websites I spot online. So here are a few links (some funny, some interesting, some just because) that I thought might make you smile. Enjoy!

*Catalog Living is a new to me site that totally cracks me up. I had a good laugh when I read this one.

*I've known about Cake Wrecks for awhile now, but it's always good for a giggle, as is one of my favorites, I Can Has Cheezburger.

*Andrea of ABCcreativity is offering a free Creativity 101 e-course, which you can sign up for here.

*For my fellow Harry Potter fans, The Deathly Hallows trailer is out and it looks awesome!! So excited!

*Lastly, I received an email this week from Liz Miller, who runs the Hope Notes project, which "invites anyone to create a card, write in a card, or simply donate a card that will be given to a client at Helpmate, a domestic violence agency serving Asheville, NC.  The goal is to give each incoming client to the shelter and new support group members a card, a "Hope Note" that is empowering, encouraging and positive to keep them feeling supported and thought of while they transition."

The cards will be on display at a fundraising benefit on July 15th, and attendees will be invited to write their own hope notes. You can learn more about the project here.

To participate, simply mail your cards to:
The Hope Note Project
PO Box 2263
Asheville, NC 28802

I'll be mailing in some cards and I hope you will too. What a beautiful idea!

Do you have any sites, links, songs, or videos that make you smile? Feel free to share in the comments!

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Love that picture! Too cute. I am totally excited about the Harry Potter movie(s), too! Just saw the trailer today :) And Part 1 comes out om my birthday…a bit of birthday bliss!

omg! i’ve neever seen catalogue living before – that is hilarious!!

and thanks so much for including my new course. you are so sweet leah.

hehe, I just spent 15 minutes giggling at catalog living, thanks!

My favorite for a laugh:

xoxo luf

omg, I LOVE the cake wreckers!! Thanks!

Thanks for catalog living.
That is hilarious.

I really needed it just right then at that minute too.
I was feeling veeeery veeeery ratty.
Much diminishing of the rattiness now…..

Thank you for the giggles, Leah! And thank you for the Harry Potter link. I am a huge fan. These are so much fun. I wish I had one to share…I’ll look.

Cats can be great for a laugh. I have two that provide no end of entertainment. Gotta love em! Though I know Bliss passed out of existence (as a theme!) yesterday I did have one final wonderful blissful moment. I settled on the bed in our guest room and read a chapter in my current book (Sound of Broad) while soaking up abundant sunshine. Then I closed my eyes and had a sunny nap for which my cat Mikko joined me. Yum. Decadent bliss!!

I’ve been reading Cake Wrecks & then Fail blog for awhile, but Catalog living is new to me. Very Very funny, thanks for the links!

Looks like my house, I say all the time, we have so many animals (six cats) for all the fr entertainment! Cheezburger makes me pee my pants every tie I go there, I will have to check out the others…

Catalog Living – what a fun site

the ones that I would recommend are:
A beautiful revolution –

i heart strangers –
even though the author is no longer doing the project, it’s quite of nice to read the archives

That photo of your cats cracks me up! :D

Thanks too for the info on the Hope Notes project. That is something I can get behind.

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