Creative Every Day Check-In: July 12 – 18

July 12th, 2010

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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Theme: The (totally optional) theme for July's theme is Life. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month and you can feel free to use it to inspire your creations, follow your own muse, or do some combination. You can find out more about this month's theme and some prompts to get you started with June's theme here.

Happy Creating!


I am unable to make any distinction between the feeling I get from life and the way I translate that feeling into painting. ~Henry Matisse

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I find that when I draw I really think about my life and what is going on in it… it is fact finding for me…

I haven’t drawn or doodled in so very long! But this past week I just had a blast with my pens and watercolor. Art hasn’t been this fun in a very, very long time.

Life and creativity are becoming so interlinked for me anymore, it’s hard to image life without it, yet I lived that way for a long time. Live to create, create to live.

Hello Leah, Hello Everyone!
My post today shows some ATCs I created 3 years ago, but they reflect the Life theme, and reflect how I’m feeling about my own creativity which has been on a real roll recently. Just reading Kat’s comment above and I feel much the same way. I’ve always been creative, but now I’m using it to discover more about who I am and what I’d like in my life.
Happy week, everyone!

It’s so enjoyable to read about everyones creative journey in life. Like souls do tend to gather together and it is uplifting when we ourselves might be in a slump to keep in touch with those who are on a creative high! It gives us hope that soon our muse will come out of hiding too =)

i love the life theme – it feels so juicy.
this weekend i spruced up my art room. i had moved into a new space a little while ago and have been too busy creating to finish getting my studio set up. this week a photographer is coming over to take a photo of me in my art room for an article that is coming out about me and my creativity workshops. so this was great incentive to do all the things i wanted to go and get organised! i so love it in here now and can’t wait to see what i create next in this great new space…
happy creating to everyone!

Right now I’m working on exploring how significant I want creativity to be in my life, and establishing some creativity goals — both long and short term. I’d never really thought about having a vision statement for my creativity until I started working through Shona Cole’s THE ARTISTIC MOTHER. Now I’m beginning to realize how interconnected my life and my creativity really are. I’m finding it really hard to focus on the theme of life in isolation — it’s just so intertwined with everything — which makes it all the more significant :) And that’s cool!

Hi Leah and friends!

Today I posted about my life and the creative journey I have been on. I have never shown my design studio before…but today I did!

Thanks for the inspiration to do so!

love, kelee

I have struggling with this overwhelming need to try everything. Cross stitch designing is my career, and so I am finding it hard to balance my time! I have been crocheting again, and have been working with recycled fibers and yarn that I have unravelled from sweaters collected from thrift shops. I have always loved to crochet but had set it aside for other needleart endevours.

I am also looking at ways to design free-form embroidery patterns as well which satisfies my urge to just draw.

May everyone have a wonderfully creative week!

Hey Leah,

I am as always, trying to find as many ways as possible to make my creativity my life. Which means clearing away all the things that DON’T support my creative process. Like co-dependent patterns and busywork!!

But I am slowly chipping away at a lot of those things and as my life becomes my canvas I am definitely WAY happier!!

Thanks for your ongoing support to all of us to make those creative life dreams a reality.

Hugs, love and glitter,


I have a whirlwind of creative things going on so I thought it was time to post here again. I keep forgetting to do that.

I’ve been doing some BIG painting with Dirty Footprint Studio and it’s making me peevish. Or maybe that’s the eclipse/new moon (and no, I’m not talking about the movies).

this week: knitting…plus working on a textile design…

I’ve been sketching outdoors, hooray! And hopefully inspiring others to do so… I love seeing the amazing diversity of others’ creative pursuits here thru CED links. I even linked my blog this week to an vintage apron blog I found as a result of being inspired by Dandelion Lady’s lovely apron of a few weeks ago :-) CED is great fun!

I’ve a very literal take on this month’s theme of life in the form of a new kitten – a new life in our family.

I’ve posted a few kitten photos on my blog.

Wishing you all a happy & creative week!

Kat :-)

It’s always about life, isn’t it?

I love Mary Oliver’s poetry. I’m reading a book called “Ten Poems to Last a Lifetime” and one of her pieces is included. It’s a great book by the way, and it fits perfectly with our “Life” theme.
I am reflecting on the times that I have merely survived life and not really lived it. It has brought me to the realization that I need to write about a particularly painful time in my life. I believe that in the process of writing it all down, getting it out of my head and heart and onto the page, it will allow me to forgive myself.

Love the layers painting! I’m discovering new layers of my life every day. Thanks for reminding me of things that I have forgotten about. Thanks also to those who come by and check out my blog.. I love hearing from others!

Hello Leah,
Hope you are well, and enjoying the Summer. :)
Just so you know today I created a separate blog dedicated to the journey of my Arts and Crafts and experiences, blog separated from my main website. I will be using this blog from now on to share my creative every day experiences.
I enclose it within the linky!

i’m looking forward to being a part of “creative everyday challenge”. i felt like i was floundering out there in the blogosphere. thanks for giving me this opportunity to share and meet other artist.

First weekly post, looking forward to participating in the challenge every week, and hope for some more free flowing creativity.

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