July 14th, 2010

Life has many layers, does it not? I thought of this as I played today, making layer after layer of paint. I was thinking of water and sky as I worked. I've had different ideas of where this piece is going as I worked, but at the moment, I'm not sure, so I'm going to let it sit in this layered water-sky state for a bit.

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Leah, I’ve been thinking a lot of you lately but didn’t dare emailing you or whatever.

This layer painting is really powerful, let it sit for a while if you feel the need to do so.

Take care

I love this, just the way it is. It is haunting and evocative, and makes me want to peer into it (like looking through the fog) to see what I can see in it. Lovely!

I always enjoy your “prompts” and this painting of layers, is very thought provoking. No matter what is going on in our lives on the “surface”…you are right…there are so many other layers of things that mold our lives. Under- currents of good stuff! =)

I love it. And it sure does. I’m feeling layers myself right now.

can you see the fish with an open mouth facing left in the water?

Hi Leah, I hope your days are becoming brighter. I love the moodiness of this piece, it’s great the way it is.

I love layering and you nailed it with this painting. Beautiful work.

Leah – this is mesmerizing – I felt as if I was being drawn into it.

Before I even read the words I looked at the painting and thought of water and sky. Maybe on a fall evening. Even unfinished your work is so evocative and beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful Leah!

I feel like I could walk right into it and just keep walking.

Amazing. And awesome!

I agree–it’s beautiful just the way it is now. It does pull you in….the concept of layers is powerful!

your painting and your thoughts about it needing more is so much like our outlook on life. we so often think we need more. the beauty is there in your painting just as it is.

Great site, I am taking the creative every day challenge. Beautiful work, there is lot of emotion from your work, especially the Layers painting, to me it feels like there is a much not made visible, hiding within the layers of the paint/color/texture, sets a mood.

I like that, Leah. Layers makes me chuckle because I think of Shrek, when Donkey said he had many layers, like parfait. Or something like that.

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