Fire Underneath

August 26th, 2010

I've been feeling a little fire-less this summer, but lately, I'm starting to feel an inner-fire kindling away beneath the surface. Sort of like in this painting that is all reds and oranges underneath, even though the top is all in blues. At the joining of sky and land, you can see a bit of the red poking through.

This weekend I'm heading north into the mountains for a wedding. Since it's a drive, we'll be staying at a B&B and I plan to soak up the sights and soak myself in the big bathtub in our room, the perfect place to start pondering next month's theme, which I'll be announcing soon!

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Enjoy your weekend. This is a lovely painting. I finally did one in keeping with the fire theme, just in time before the end of the month. :-)

Hi Leah, I like the mood you’ve achieved in this painting. I bet its wonderful to see in person with the bits of the orange underpainting showing through the muted blue. I like your fun dashed lines; most effective! Have a wonderful weekend!

Your painting is wonderful, Leah. I love that the reds and oranges exist below the blues. It made me think aout how there is a fire burning in all of us, but it doesn’t show on the outside. Time to make it seep through and get to the other side.

I found you in the strangest way. In a google search for the word “Antevasin”. And loving that post I need to come back and read more. Hope you don’t mind my following along.

I like this because it reminds me that there is still a fire in my creative furnace even tho it hasn’t been “flaming” brightly all summer with “life” getting too hectic! Thanks for the lovely reminder!

Oh Leah, how beautiful :) Totally identify with the fire underneath thing – what a wonderful way to express this xxx Milena

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