Playing with Fire

August 20th, 2010

With the fire theme in mind, I had the inspiration to play with some red yarn on paper. I really didn't have a plan in mind, just wanted to play. I used some matte medium to hold the swirls and curls in place. After it dried, I thought I saw a few different images in it, which I brought out in paint until this tree emerged. Fun!

I enjoyed doing it although, I did not like the way the yarn felt on my fingers when coated in matte medium. Ick!

Hope you all have a magnificent weekend!

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that is super fun!
i am in love with the energy of it.
but i can imagine the ickiness of mediumcoatedyarnfuzzies, lol!

it’s beautiful – i admire you for taking different materials and messing around with them; i don’t do that enough. but i DO know that that gluey yarn feeling precisely – the yarn always wants to stick to the fingers, never for the intended surface!

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Were your fingers red when you were done? LOL

Love this!!

ah, yes…a venture into the world of the collage artist’s ickyness! Nothing like getting those hands sticky! Glad you had fun! =)

this swirling yarning firetree
wraps itself twirling sweetly
into my heart & rests
like a yummy savory picnic afternoon.

Oh, I love it! I’ve been discovering some neat art lately that incorporates string/yarn/thread with paint and paper, and it is so captivating.

Leah, this is gorgeous :) I LOVE the swirling patterns, they inspire me
Milena xxx

Ohh, yeah! I am totally going to play with yarn in some mod podge now!
I was ’stuck’ on how to wrap up a few background pages I’d started…but now you’ve given me a groovy idea.

Until I read that this was red yarn, I saw shoestring licorice whips, HA! I’m all about food art lately. I see it everywhere, even where it’s not. You still had sticky fun though, didn’t you? I like the coils in this one.

Hi Leah
Yarn on paper – an interesting technique. The result is quite stunning – love the 3D sense of it and the great colours.

I can imagine the feel of it, but I am just captivated by this. Love it.

Love this Leah!

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