Creative Every Day Check-In: September 20 – 26

September 20th, 2010

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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Theme: The (totally optional) theme for September is the element of Water. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month and you can feel free to use it to inspire your creations, follow your own muse, or do some combination. You can find out more about this month's theme and some prompts to get you started with September's theme here.

Happy Creating!

In Amsterdam the water is the mistress and the land the vassal. throughout the city there are as many canals and drawbridges as bracelets on a Gypsy's bronzed arms. ~Felix Marti-Ibanez

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I’m creative every single day this month but find it hard to keep up posting about it on the blog. I had hoped to post every day and stick close to the water theme, but somehow my muse had a different idea. I’m working on dragonflies and butterflies at the moment ad a lot of ATCs. We should do a CED ATC swap one of these days.

happy days to you all

Lots of water showing up in the night photos I’m focusing on – I love the reflections of lights on water at night, and the look of water at slow shutter speeds.

I managed a little water with my acrylic skin frog. Hoping I make it down to the art studio this week.
Stay inspired!

Getting back in the grove . . . writing (a weekly column now!:), painting,altering books, helping children be creative . . . and enjoying every minute!

Have been busy with life and accomplishing small creative things in spurts. Creative every day always inspires me. Thank you Leah!

i have been busy creating my part in a new art journal workshop (registration opens today!), making new paper dolls and knitting a fall coat.
happy creating everyone!

Just puttering away with my watercolors and drawing….

I’ve just posted photos of a few of my creative experiments, inspired by water, on my blog today.

Hope the water theme is inspiring you all. Have a happy and creative week!

Kat :-)

I love that you post these check-ins first thing Monday morning, Leah. It reminds me to get something new up on my blog after the weekend.

Things are wild and crazy in Munich now that Oktoberfest has started. Despite the chaos, I’m determined to post new daily paintings every day this week. Happy creating, all!

I have been participating in an online course By Gina Armfield called Song of the Sea. I have posted about it earlier and will post more this week. It’s been all about water this month for me!
Also on my blog is a sweet watery bracelet I made. Jewelry is my first love and water can be expressed through that medium, too.

I’ve been so busy being immersed in all sorts of water. Salty brine water for pickling, colored water for dyeing, muddy water while planting my winter garden, and it’s been raining so much again! We’ve moved out of that dry summer weather and into wet fall rains again. I love this time of year, the damp rotting leaves, and dripping trees. One last fling before fall really sets in.

Hi all, it’s nice to hear about everyone’s creative endeavors. I actually used the water theme this weekend!! I so seldom manage to do that. I did 3 miniature pieces that all focused on water for their creation. I’ve posted 2 to my blog and the third will go up tomorrow. Happy creativity!!

I had some fabulous creative water opportunities last Tuesday with mist and sun and beautiful sandstone. This week is likely to be more in the garden, with dew and slugs as I turn it over in preparation for next year. I am back posting Monday to Friday again until spring. Drop by and leave a sprout comment. I am always happy to see you:) Best of the week everyone.

My creation is not so much with water, but the colors are. I’ve been trying new things, I hope you like it :)

I better get cracking on the ‘water’ element. Lots of painting this month, but not a drop of water (in the subject matter anyway).

I must be going crazy–my ‘not a drop of water’ comment above links to a submarine picture I posted last week. Apparently the theme dId get in there.

I just finished my 100th work of creativity in 100 days! Yay. Is it time for a break now? Well, we’ll see. I did work on some writing today.

I have been busy being creative and actually finished one of my projects… makes me happy!

although the subject matter is actually wood (Magical Forest) I think my most recent painting may sneak into the water theme by way of being watercolour paint… maybe? :-)
It’s on my blog.

I wishwishwish I had been swimming more this summer! I love water.

@Dave you made me laugh out loud – thanks! :-)

We never leave the house, but this past fortnight we took a vacation to drive up the California coast from San Diego all the way past San Francisco to Napa. Here are the first two photos from our trip: Water everywhere, appropriately. Enjoy the journey to the Ukulele Festival along with me and Andy, my husband.
Beautiful posts, everyone else! wow!
Tina in San Diego

Have a great time!

Better late than never… been traveling over 4 day weekends lately, so I don’t get around to posting until I return home. This week’s art was done on a train!

OMG Art Every Day Month. I forgot about that! I’ll be in Colorado again for some of it taking care of three young ones while my daughter has baby number 4. I think I’ll be kind of busy. But looking forward to it. Time to REALLY get creative.

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