Mermaid with Stars

September 2nd, 2010

I started this mixed-media piece thinking about the water theme and how water is so much of who we are, the foundation of life. I put down pieces of rice paper to create texture, putting them in a circular shape. Water makes me think of circles, the womb, life, an individual cell.

The stars were unplanned, they just came up. I think I was inspired by the teeny tiny baby starfish I've seen wandering around our fish tank at night. So cute.

Where is the water theme bringing you?

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I swim two miles a day, and have been doing so every day for the last 18 years (college made me want to swim, for some reason) so water is almost as essential to my life as food and sleep and air. It’s a difficult subject because it means so much. Life, flexibility, peace, working out my limbs, stretching, praying, being thankful, dancing… water is where I come alive in ways I can’t in the “real world.”

“I think I was inspired by the teeny tiny baby starfish I’ve seen wandering around our fish tank at night.”

Oh, this I must know more about!! You have starfish in your fish tank?! Baby starfish that wander at night? That’s incredible- I am just in awe and so inspired by that image in my head… I knew there were special tanks for jellyfish but didn’t know you could keep starfish in a smaller fish tank.

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What a gorgeous piece! I love the water and the mermaid and stars! Everything works so well together!

I enjoying waiting to see what you create next. I love the theme and your work, and the movement of the piece.
I feel so free, alive when swimming, so inviting so fresh. I am headed to the beach in a few days so I hope to take my sketchbook with me to get inspired and hopefully draw something. thanks for inspiring!

I love the soft, ethereal quality of this one! Lovely!

Thanks, gals!

Chel, my husband has a large saltwater tank that has live rock in it. A few times now, he’s called me over to see a baby star fish on the glass of the tank in the evening. They are so darn cute!! I don’t know how many there are or if they survive ok, but I do love seeing them. They must have come from the live rock.

I love this!

Hi Leah, I was hoping you were going to do water as a theme. Focusing on water as a theme has helped me to connect to my true self even more. And you know I love your mermaid!

Hi Leah
I do love the colours in your piece. And there’s quite a bit of movement there – very nice. Have a happy week, Evelyn

Love this! Is it available for sale in original or print? I’ve noticed lots of the female figures in your work have darker hair — as a blonde, nice to see the blonde!

Also, is your work available for viewing in a gallery anywhere in the Boston area?

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