Shower Power

September 9th, 2010

I was in the shower the other day, thinking about the water theme, when it hit me that I was currently in water and that the shower is one of my favorite places to think! Perhaps it's because all other sources of stimulation are gone and I'm just focused on the simple tasks of cleaning my hair and body. I enjoy the sensual nature of taking showers or baths, they're so relaxing, but they're also a place where my mind roams, a bit like it does before I'm falling asleep and little ideas and inspirations will occur to me.

As the shower lingered on, I thought about how much I love to be near water in general when I'm thinking, writing, or doodling. I find sitting by a still lake or pond to be relaxing and meditative. Being near a fast flowing river is where ideas and writing will move more quickly. And then sitting by the ocean, I'm soothed by the far away horizon, the big sky, and the regular woosh of the waves.

Do you find ideas occurring to you while you're in the shower? Or near a body of water? Pay attention this month and see if you are. I'd love to hear about it.

I was also inspired to draw this cute little shower girl. I wish I had a shower cap that was that cute! :-)

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How funny. I just wrote about how much I had missed taking baths since the last loft where we lived had only a shower. For most of my life I have really just preferred showers, but with my latest changes in physical prowess :) , I am making adjustments. And, taking a bath is suddenly a luxury, and, yes, an inspiration. I often get ideas when I’m scrubbing myself, too, LOL. Must be something about cleansing and revitalizing the body and soul. Love your shower girl.

The ocean is always a calming influence and I love being near it, but I find that the act of walking is what really inspires me. Something about the movement and focus and intent of my body…it concentrates my thoughts. That said, I do love the shower too!

I swim two miles every day (it takes about an hour) so all I can do while I’m in the water is THINK. The pool is like a giant blank canvas for me to come up with ideas, plans, hopes, etc. The only problem is that I’m so exhausted when I’m done that the execution of said plans rarely happens. But it’s a nice place to dream…

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I was just talking about this with my son, 9 years old, the other day. When he is stressed or nervous or upset, he takes a shower. The water just calms him down and he can work through whatever is going on in that environment. This week, with school starting, he’s gotten up and taken showers before school (without us waking him up) because it helps him get over the nervous fears. He’s had a great week too!

Oh yes, all my ideas seem to come to me in the shower. Poems, images, writings, remembering dreams I’ve had, etc. It’s such a calming, meditative, relaxing time for me.

I love that Kat’s son has found that a shower before school helps him with his nerves before school. Isn’t it so true that there is nothing more relaxing than a good soak in warm water (bath or shower?)

I LOVE your doodle girl (and I do have a cute pink shower cap… in fact I used it this morning). :)

My morning shower I say positive things and let any kind of negativity wash down the drain with the water. That way I’m ready for a great positive day! Also is great if I’d have a rough one at work or been around a lot of negativity for an extended period of time. :)


Hello Leah!
I have my most amazing thoughts and insights and ideas in the shower. It’s amazing how that happens. I need to find some waterproof paper and ink so that I can capture them as they tumble out of me.
It’s good to hear that this happens to you too!

I read somewhere that bodies of water, like the ocean, emit positive ions that make us feel happy. It could also explain the creative a-has that occur here. Maybe, the shower has the same effect :)

I love taking showers. I totally love thinking in the shower. Probably near water as well. I love the beach, but I always take my kids, so not much time for thinking. I do fantasize about going to the beach alone though with a good book & my thoughts!

I live where the Chesapeake Bay and the Patuxent River meet. Everyday (almost) I traverse the very high bridge between my County and the County on the other side of the Patuxent. The view is still, after 16 years here, breathtaking. I MUST live near the water where I can see it every day. I don’t have to go in it. Just see it. And travel to the ocean at least once a year – even for just a few hours.

I was just thinking about this in the shower yesterday! What I need is a waterproof way to write my thoughts down, because I don’t remember them by the time I’m dry.

I do my best thinking in the shower.

I love being near water. Not sure about thinking in the shower… but I love thinking in the bath :)

The shower is where ideas about how to fix design problems that I’m having come to me. The water is always so relaxing (I take super hot showers) and I just seem to release all the knots that have built up in my body and in my mind. It’s like a kind of meditation for me.

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