Art Every Day Month is right around the corner!

October 12th, 2010

Time flies and it's nearly that time of year again, time to jump into the fun and inspiring challenge of Art Every Day Month (AEDM.) This will be my 8th year of doing the challenge and wow, it has grown by leaps and bounds! I hope you'll read all about this low-pressure challenge here and sign yourself up right over here. I just put up a link to the list of participants, so you can see who your fellow participants are.

I will also be offering the Art Every Day Month Survival Guide again this year. The material will be essentially the same as last year, but the format will be different. Instead of a daily email, I'll be offering the guide as a daily post on a private blog, where you can gather up daily inspiration and prompts, while also having the space to make comments and get support in a smaller group format. Find out more about the Guide and sign-up here.

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I’m in!

Leah, I think AED is just the kick in the pants that my muse needs right now! Thanks again, xo

3rd year to participate… thanks Leah for having CED I must say it has changed my direction and I have been exploring more avenues of art.

This will be my first year participating in AED! I’m geeked!

My 6th! I´m sooooooooo ready! :D
Wishing you love, joy and art. *Sending little hearts, smiles and cyberconfetti*

Oh I’ve been looking forward to this. I need it and it’s such a wonderfully supportive environment:) I’m off to sign up!

This is my first year, can’t wait!

I’m totally excited to participate again..the group energy is just so inspiring!

This is perfect! I’m also participating in Nanowrimo, but I had planned on making a sort of scrapbook thing along the way (this is my 4th year with Nano, and I haven’t done anything like that yet :P ). AEDM will keep me on my toes and remind me, plus what better motivation is there to share :)

I still haven’t figured out what my project is yet, but I can’t wait!

I’m in – made it through half of last year’s month and loved doing my doodling.

word. I know I have plenty to keep me busy, but I love the idea of this so much I’m gonna try again. Plus there’s the ornaments to make…
luf you!

I just signed up and I’m so excited! I needed some motivation to get around to doing some more art and this is perfect.

looking forward to this!! can’t wait!

I’d love to join your art every day but I have a problem. I live in Ireland and have 2 trips to the UK this month, a few days each and on those days I won’t be computing or arting! Is this ok?

I have started collecting bunches of materials to use in my projects this year. Last year I started and just went, everyday, without much thought. This year, I am taking it on differently. I started destroying a book today and using its pages as future art. The stuff of love.

Looking forward to this, my second AEDM! Loved it last year, looking oh so forward to what pops up this year!

I am so excited to be part of this!! I have never felt that I could make art, but now I am art journaling. I get to use my lifetime collection of stickers and pens/markers and scrapbook papers too!! Can’t wait!

i am very happy to be part of this, it did give me so much last year! thanks, i like this project

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