Fall Collage

October 22nd, 2010

I've collaged together some rice paper prints of leaves and stamps that I made while in Judy Wise's class at Squam. Rice paper collages so beautifully! I plan to work with this image more, painting and/or drawing on top of it once it's dry. It definitely feels like fall and fits right in with the earth theme.

By the way, make sure the top on giant containers of gel medium are closed before you carry them around. Yikes! What a mess! Thankfully, I couldn't help but laugh, scrape up what I could salvage and clean up the rest.

Two quick things:

1. Today, I have a video up at SPRING, all about creativity, cycles and the beautiful community of Art Every Day Month. If you haven't checked out SPRING, please do. It's full of inspiration and this month the focus is all about creativity!

2. Art Every Day Month is right around the corner. It's a low pressure challenge that draws a great group of creatives every year. Your daily art could be jewelry, knitting, cooking, collage, drawing, anything else you can dream up or a great mix of lots of creative activities. I'll write more about it in the coming week, but you can read all about the process here and sign-up here.

And if you want to join in, but would like a little extra support, inspiration, and daily prompts to keep you going, you can sign up for the Art Every Day Month Survival Guide here.

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That’s looking quite earthy Leah. I can imagine that rice paper will be great for collages and you can add texture by crinkling too…

Your collage is beautiful.

What a great video on SPRING! Glad to hear that everyone’s creativity goes in cycles!
Just signed up for my second year of AEDM!! Loved it last year!
Your collage teriffic! Looking forward to seeing where you’ll go with it!

Beautiful contrasting colors. I’m looking forward to my first year of AEDM. After reading all the joys of the previous years, I’m itching to start. :-)

I figured I’d better sign up now or it’ll be the middle of NOvember before I look up. I love AEDM. It’s such a splendid idea – and even tho I usually don’t manage every day, it is always an inspiration. Thanks for hosting it!

Love the Fall collage. Collage is my favorite medium and Fall is my favorite season. Looking forward to AEDM as I am surely one of those folks whose creativity goes in cycles!!

So Leah,

I’m curious (and maybe a little slow…) How does AEDM differ from CED? I’ve been creating something everyday for 296 days now for CED2010 and posting weekly. Does AEDM involve posting daily?


Very pretty fall collage!

Thanks, gals!

Judy, I’m glad you liked the Spring video!

Eva, you’re not slow! CED was my attempt at stretching out the community that formed through doing AEDM, which only goes for one month. I tell folks to approach it in a way that works for them, with the aim of bringing more creativity into their lives for the month of November, but I challenge myself to post my creations daily for that month. Hope that helps a bit!


Yeah, putting lids of medium and gesso, and remembering to take the paintbrushes out of the water and clean them properly are constant issues with my scattered brain!

Love the leaf collage! I have some rice paper I keep meaning to do something with….

I love the look of these. I think I’d like to try this myself.

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