Traveling with Uncertainty

October 7th, 2010

I did this piece recently to submit for one of Patti Digh's latest books. It was inspired by an essay she'd written about dealing with uncertainty and stepping bravely into the unknown, something I find quite difficult in some ways and quite exhilarating in others. Just now, this piece makes me think of the daring decision I made at the age of 15 to be an exchange student and live with a family in Madrid for a month. What a scary and mind-opening experience it was! It certainly took a leap of faith to do, but I have no regrets about it.

And then thinking about the earth theme, I'm curious about the places you've traveled to, whether that be to a new part of town or an exotic location. What brave steps did you take to go somewhere new and what effect did it have on you? What kind of art might that inspire in you?

By the way, I received Patti Digh's Creative is a Verb in the mail and it's beautiful! Chock full of gorgeous art and inspiring words. Patti is amazing. I've got a piece in the book as well, it's this piece and it's on page x. I love that's it's opposite this quote: "Don't apologize for who you are or the art you create" - C.J. Rider

p.s. I'm working on the Art Every Day Month sign-up page and hope to have it ready to go shortly!

p.p.s. The piece above, "The Unknown," is 11"x14" with collage and acrylic on wood.

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I love this painting. It so resonates with how I’m feeling right now.

Your piece “The Unknown” is stunning. Your work draws me in so that I feel immersed in the possible story behind the artwork. I would love to beable to create such beautiful artwork like yours. I love the way your work makes every viewer feel like they’re are invited into that world.

I shall check out ‘Creative is a Verb’ – it sounds just like my sort of book :-)

Eleven years ago my husband & I decided to come down and try living in Cornwall. We visited a few places but as soon as we visited Cornwall we knew for sure that’s where we wanted to be. It wasn’t easy to leave family, friends & jobs. We didn’t know if it would work out and to be honest for a long time we struggled financially. But Cornwall had enchanted us and soon we were also lucky enough to know the people and make very good friends. And now we also feel blessed to be able to bring our children up in such a lovely county. Living in Cornwall has brought us many gifts, too many to list.

Wow – this is a long comment.Lol. But your post gave me so much to consider.

Kat :-)

What a beautiful image! Traveling with uncertaintly was definitely the theme of my life when I moved to Seattle a few years ago. Never even visited here, didn’t know a single person, no job or apartment. Just made the leap. And it was amazing! The art that came out of it was mainly writing, but I think it would be a fun project to translate that experience into images. Thanks for the inspiration.

Your painting is gorgeous, Leah. It sums up so perfectly what you describe – the unknown, the bravery, a readiness for the big wide world and yet a reticence. I’m like you – sometimes I find brave steps exhilarating, sometimes difficult, sometimes both at the same time! I’m not yet sure what it is that makes a challenge slot into one or other of these categories. Leaving home at age 19 and going to University; and then three years later moving alone from the north of England to live and work in London – these just seemed like natural progressions to me… whereas my first links through to Creative Every Day, fully expecting people would consider my creative efforts inadequate, required a lot of courage.


Leah I find this piece absolutely beautiful and captivating!

you can feel the uncertainty, i like how you painted her black in the shadows but the destination/future is so bright. that’s kinda how you have to look at life. i was there, the year i left my husband of 27 years. it was an exciting time and also scarry. but i discovered i like the excitement that comes from stepping outside my comfort zone, doing something different, and traveling alone can be fun.

i love this piece, Leah. she does look brave…with her feet planted apart…as if letting the earth ground her before taking off. there are few things i love more in life (well, okay, maybe pie) than travel. even the trips where i was walking onto a plane wondering what on earth i was doing! ;) great post.

Lovely painting, Leah. I worked out that we have bought and sold seven homes in the past eight years! We have lived in Scotland, the UK, Western Australia, northern New South Wales, Victoria and now mid-north coast of New South Wales. In each place I’ve felt we had things to do, people to meet, stuff to learn. And we’ve trusted that the right people will buy the homes we’ve lovingly renovated and so it’s been, each time. It has created an uncertainty but I’ve learned to trust the universe and wait to see what happens. Where we are now we are in the hills behind the Pacific Ocean and close to the most beautiful beaches. It’s the most equable climate we’ve ever lived in and our home is in a most beautiful area of NSW. Yes, there have been stress and uncertainty, but it’s been an exciting, magical journey.

I love this piece! It speaks to me a lot, as we’re considering moving to the Philippines. Your artwork is always so amazing and inspiring!

:) Michelle

Another beautiful piece Leah!

Very powerful!

Beautiful piece.
Wow, I would love to go to Madrid for a year.

Hi Lovely Leah !!!!
Congrats on your wonderful pieces in Patti’s book ! I was honored and thrilled to be in the book along with your gorgeous work !
This piece is really remarkable. I feel like I am going through life like your central figure – carrying luggage of things I need and that are dear to me, and using all my bravery to explore new frontiers…
I guess the biggest, bravest travel I have ever made was moving from Montreal to Manchester, NH with only my brand new husband as a support system. So much to learn, new friends to find and make, topography to manoeuver over…:) After 10 years (this year is our 10th anniversary) I finally feel like I have conquered my frontier. As I look back, I realize how brave I was to get here…
Thanks as alwys, for the juicy food for thought and art, Lovely One !

It’s a gorgeous piece. The black silhouette is mysterious, the aqua texture spectacular, and I love the friendly movement of the birds.

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