Art Every Day Month: Day 1

November 1st, 2010


Today is the 1st day of Art Every Day Month! Welcome! I'm so glad you'll be joining in. I usually post my art at the end of the day, but every morning there will be a check-in post like this one, where you can share your work whenever you're ready to do so.

The box below is a widget that I provide each day as an optional place to share a direct link (blog post or flickr image) to that day's creation. If you don't have something to share today, don't worry about it! Share when you can. In the meantime, be sure to check out what other participants are creating! Check out the links from today's post and the links on the participant page for instant inspiration. You can also see lots of great work in the AEDM flickr group. Feel free to share your work there too!

If you use the widget, please link to a specific blog post (or specific image if you're linking to a flickr page or other website) instead of your main blog page or website. If you want to share, but don't have a specific page to link to, feel free to use the comments section of this post to share what you're working on. If you're posting less than once a day, no problem! Simply use the latest one of these posts to share a link to your creation. For some, it's too much to keep up with posting every day, but don't let that get you down. Do it if you can and if you can't, just keep on creating, that's the most important part. If you get off track and miss a few days of creating, don't let that freeze you up either. Just pick up where you left off and keep moving forward. One foot in front of the other. You are making your life a more creative one with each step.

How to participate in Art Every Day Month: Check out the AEDM info page for all the details, instructions on how to get involved, and then visit the participants page to sign-up before you use the link widget to share your creations. The Information page also has instructions about how to use the widget below, if you're having any trouble with it.

Survival Guide: If you feel like you could use some more support, prompts, and motivation to keep going throughout the month, check out the Art Every Day Month Survival Guide.

Twitter: If you're on Twitter (I'm on there as @leah_art), I've been using the hashtag #aedm2010 to mark Art Every Day Month tweets. It helps to find others who are tweeting about AEDM!

Creative Every Day Challenge participants: If you're not doing Art Every Day Month, you can still use any of the daily Art Every Day Month check-in posts to leave your weekly link.


The birds they sing at break of day, "Start again..." I hear them say. -Leonard Cohen

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So excited to begin! I am looking forward to creating community with everyone who is a part of #AEDM2010~

Good Morning my creative friends!

I’m embarking on a whimsical fabric art project that I hope to add to everyday.

Stay inspired!

I’m checking in for CED. Good luck to everyone doing Art Every Day Month! I look forward to seeing what you do.

I had such a good time last year, and met so many great people that I couldn’t wait to do it again.

OMgoodness. Everybody is off to a great start. I probably won’t have anything to share until tomorrow morning. I’m about to get started now.

I have NO IDEA what I will do.

I suppose I should have posted about my jar of creative ideas. Slips of paper in a jar, with all sorts of projects I want to do. When I am idealess, all I have to do is pick one and get going.

yah! i actually started painting every day on friday but haven’t uploaded any pics yet.
but i am having a great time.

todays post on my blog tells you what I am planning on doing this month. It also has a post on Mandala Monday which is just a creative thing I do each Monday, so enjoy that was well for the first day of this challenge!!
Happy creating everyone!

[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Leah Piken Kolidas, germana viana and ELLIE, Ann Rinkenberger. Ann Rinkenberger said: RT @leah_art: People are already checking in for the first day of Art Every Day Month! So exciting! #aedm2010 [...]

Morning All!
So I cheated a little…I didn’t create soemthing brand new. I reworked something older but wait! Why did I make up a rule that it had to be brand spankin new? Anyhoo…its about just doing right?

I’m finding that using my ipad to manipulate old art as well as create new stuff is a huge stress reliever. I can do it anywhere and therefore its easier for me to incorporate it into my day. Fingers crossed.

Thanks Leah for all your encouraging nudges. :o )


Last year I enjoyed participating and now I am back for more! Thank you, Leah for organizing this creative virtual event.

Well, the workpress was less than cooperative this morning (as is my computer..better turn it off and back on and see if that helps). But this is meant to be fun and I have set my intention that whatever happens is the way it’s supposed to be. So I have my day 1 offering!

I’m looking forward to starting this month off in such an inspiring way and with connecting with all the beautiful creative spirits that are joining in.

I’m hoping to create a painted EVERY DAY this month!

Hi Leah and everyone participating! Looking forward to a fun, creative month with y’all!


so excited about being creative with the group this month!

I’m also going to try AEDM this year. I’ve had difficulty starting creative work lately. So for this month I made a list of projects I want to finish, some small excercises, but also some space to play and to do what feels right at the moment. This way it should be possible to make it work. Especially with all the enthusiasme and support of the AEDM community!

so excited!! I’ve been waiting for this for a whole year !! looking forward to all the positive motivation to get my creative juices going!

Mari, that’s not cheating at all! I think re-working something older is a wonderful way to get in your art for the day. I do it at least once every year during AEDM. :-)

What would November be without AEDM? I wasn’t going to participate this year, and then there I was at my computer this morning and my inner guidance reminded me how much I love this process. So here I am for year 4. Yippee!!

It’s a beautiful fall day here in New England and I’m excited to start the month with a picture of an autumn memory!! Happy to be here. Thanks Leah!!

I’m just checking in to say I am following along, now I am off to paint and will post to my blog later today! Thank you Leah for hosting this fun event every year!

I am beginning with A today – a basket of apples in practice for a class I teach to kids

whee, that was fun! i love squeezing out a doodle in a few hours. day one, check!

I got new art supplies, played with them and made some art! I also blogged about it. Such Joy!!!

I going to give it another try this year, Leah.

I’m not a brillant artist, not even a good one, but I’ll try to participate as I can.

thanks for the opportunity given.

Wow its only day 1 and it has been a challenge already. Lol. But still excited to be joining in.

Hope you all had a good first day.

Kat :-)

yay! started! and for the first time on my blog, it’s a culinary post :-)
that’s the great thing about AEDM: you become more aware of your every day creativity, for example in the kitchen!!

[...] spent time over the weekend preparing for Art Every Day Month. I scanned a bunch of old sketches I plan to use after working on a computer problem I am having [...]

This is my first year doing AEDM, I’m pretty excited, hoping to make some new bloggy friends. With this illustration I did double duty, I made it for my first AEDM post and for Illustration Friday (which I usually do on Mondays), but I tried to make it extra fun.

I am very excited about AEDM! It is just what I needed to motivate me to get my brain working creatively again.

did something very simple today. i need simplicity as much as i need art. i hope i did the right thing – i put the permalink to my blog post into the mr. linky widget?

I’m going to try to journal every day this month in addition to the other projects I have going on! Thank you Leah for hosting this challenge again this year. I’m always inspired by it :)

Here’s my blog post today…sorry:

Sweet Repeats


Yes, Bella, you did it correctly! :-)

[...] knitting, sewing, beading, cooking etc.  If you would like to participate here’s the link: AEDM by creative everyday.    So sign up, have fun and see you [...]

Wow – look how many people are here for the first day!

Got off to a small start… but feeling inspired for tomorrow by all the amazing things my fellow AEDMers have created!!

Starting with day 1! I won’t be blogging it every day but I’ll definitely be making!

I’m running late on the first day! Aw painting and video is up on my blog. Now, I’m going to go collapse into bed. Night all.

so happy to be part of it

Well I jumped in. I am not sure if I remember how the Mister Linky’s Magic Widget thing works. Do you put your information in there when you post and come here and make a comment or do you do one or the other. Please refresh my brain. So far, I am excited to be hanging out with all these cool “crazy artists” again this year and hello to all those that did not do the challenge last year.


Woo hoo – day one!
I’m taking watercolor classes and this is what I worked on today…

Today I worked on a predominantly green background – a color I rarely use – tomorrow I’ll add collage and maybe some journaling. Here’s a link:

Diane, for the check-in posts, you can leave a link and a comment or just a link, whatever works best for you that day!

I am quite nervous with this challenge, not sure if I can make it all through but I try my best.

Today I post about my mini illustration cards :-)

I am really looking forward to participating again this year. I think last year, I didn’t really get to do art every day, though I certainly did more art than what was “usual” for me. This year, I am going to make an all out effort to do at least a little art every day, even if it is a simple sketch in my sketchbook at the minimum. I may not be able to keep up with the blogging every day, but at least I will blog most days to get back into it. It will be fun following others’ efforts too! Good luck to everyone doing this, this time around!

Sooooo excited to begin this challenge & bring art back into my life! I have my blog up & running just for this challenge, which was my first day’s art project! :-)

I’m not a painter, I’m a knitter. But I found this through a painter friend of mine. My list of things I want to knit is a mile long. I’m hoping this will push me to get some things made!

This is great! I found this challenge through another blog ~ Artsyville & I’m very excited to participate! Looking forward to creating, sharing & doing so with everyone!

A somewhat anti-climactic beginning to the month, with mostly logistical progress. Did prepare 20 background washes for use throughout the month, though.

Feels good to be doing this again. Thanks, Leah!

[...]  I was very excited to start on the AEDM challenge when I went to bed last night.  Unfortunately, my body decided  it was the perfect time [...]

I’m a little late…playing catchup. This is my first time taking on a creative challenge. I am very excited and hope I’m “doing it right” (linking and such). I was creative yesterday, I just didn’t get a photo uploaded or a blog post done…so here I am! :-) Day one is up!

I accidentally linked to the wrong post just now (should have been day 2). Apparently, the tab button skipped me to the wrong post. Sorry!

Well, I am signing up two days late but I am going to give it a shot!

Great concept! Way to motivate me not to procrastinate and post a single day late. I’m in for the long haul, looking forward to discovering others art in the process.

This is a great idea. We will see what I can do,

I can’t believe I forgot to enter my link here, or even to sign up for this month’s events. I’m trying to make up for it now, though. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

[...] will manifest the whispers of inspiration I am allowing myself to hear.  I was creative yesterday, Day One of Art Every Day Month, but I didn’t get the results of my creative energy posted.  Here we are on Day [...]

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