Blue Lady

November 24th, 2010

Today, for day 24 of Art Every Day Month I wanted to just play and see what happened. As I painted, a figure began to form, so I went with it. This "Blue Lady" is about 6"x12" with acrylic on canvas paper. Although I wasn't planning, I just noticed now, it looks like she has long purple hair.

If you live in the States, I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! The check-in posts will be here, so check-in if you can.

We're going to my dad and step-mom's for the holiday with my siblings. And we'll be having dinner at my mom and step-dad's on Friday evening. I pre-made some inkblots in a small sketchbook to take with me to make art out of while I'm away from home. I plan to post them, as long as I can get online!

p.s. Tomorrow's the last day to pre-order my 2011 Calendar and get a drawing on your birthday!

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I like the deep colours- it is as if this lady has her spirit auras surrounding her. Like the kind you get on spiritual/holistic medicine pictures.

Have a fab Thanksgiving Holiday!
Kat X

It’s so nice to see a curvy figure, even if you didn’t plan it out. I didn’t notice the long purple hair until you pointed it out, but it totally suits this lady.

Look at you being all prepared with ink blots to take with you! I should totally use you as an example and prepare something for me to take along when I go to certain places, it would sure beat the boredom at times.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family Leah.

I love your Blue Lady, the colours are so dreamy and she looks deep in thought.

Have a great thanksgiving!

A beautiful painting Leah! Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving.


I have to apologize, I see your beautiful paintings here everyday and I was not even thinking that I could leave a comment for you about how wonderful they are.

I will tell you that I have enjoyed all of your paintings this month. They are really wonderful. They have such a dreamy quality about them.

I love the colors you’ve used here!

Your lovely lady reminds me of a Modligliani nude. Great color combination! Have a wonderful holiday!

I love all your images this month, you make creating and painting look easy. I think all of yours just turn out fantastic. I LOVE the purples and the golds next to the teal in this image, absolutely stunning! Have a great holiday with your family!

Happy Thanksgiving.

I can’t wait to see what you do with those ink blots! Enjoy your holiday!

A beautiful pear-shaped lady with great colour choice. Have a great day today (we’re still working over the pond!!)

Love this painting Leah. Sensuous and yummy all around.

luminescent and godess-like

This is my first entry, La Jeune Fille Bleue, on My Magic Art Blog which I have finally decided to begin.

I hope to meet an interesting group of artists to associate with.

Beautiful colors in your Blue Lady Leah. It’s so interesting to see that figures appear in your works so often. They rarely happen for me but I definitely have themes that occur.

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