Circle Bird

November 21st, 2010

I had to wait a long time to post my art for day 21 of Art Every Day Month because it took forever to dry! I decided to experiment with some glass bead gel over collage and acrylic paint. It wasn't a complete success, because something smudged and I couldn't see it until after it dried. But what I learned (and loved) is that gold paint over collage with glass bead gel looks really cool! And also, this stuff is hard to photograph! Ah well. Sometimes, you need to play and make some mistakes to move on to the next thing! This little guy is about 4"x4" on panel.

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really cool – sounds like a fun process…I love the design and color choice

ok. so what is glass bead gel? (of course you know it was the circle that drew me in from your facebook post :) )

Sue, I just added a link to the glass bead gel above. Basically, it’s tiny glass beads bound together by a gel medium. It’s white when wet and become clear as it dries.

What a beautifully textured effect.I love that little red bird, too!

What a very cool effect!

fun! i love the texture & the look you got by putting the gel over the entire piece- very nice!

Love it! I have never used glass bead gel before but it makes me think it would give off a similar look/texture to using glitter.. I love all things sparkly, but yes they are HARD to photograph!

Oooh I like that effect! I bet it was fun to play with too.

ah…trial and error…my favorite “teacher”!!It’s cute anyway

I’d not heard of Glass bead gel – thanks for this beautiful introduction to it. Although not very cheap in the UK Golden products always seem to be very good quality. Yet another product to add to my want/need list :-)

Kat X

Leah, This latest treat is so lovely. Thank you for inspiring me with another product to try.

Very neat! I love the expression on the bird’s face.

What a great effect and a sweet little bird! it is always fun to experiment with new media!

That gel sounds cool

I have never heard of glass bead gel before – where did you find that at? :o )
Love the little bird!

Denise, I found it at my local art supply store. I included a link to it above (they sell it on Amazon too.)

I’ve never heard of glass bead gel….Still looks cool, even though you said you had trouble photographing it. Amazes me how many materials there are out there still left to try. Fun!

Shiny things are hard to photograph. Thanks for sharing your creative experiments. Glass bead gel…hmmm that is new to me.

that looks like a sweet little bun in the oven to me!

hey Leah! I love seeing your daily creations…I am only posting once a week, yet finding that creating art is seeping into every cell of my body and every area of my life!YAY! Thank you! You rock! Big love, Gabriela

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