Fall Landscape

November 2nd, 2010

Here's my art for day 2 of Art Every Day Month. I had already started the base collage (you can see what it looked like here.) I stared at the collage for a while this morning and began to see a landscape when I turned it on its side. So, I used acrylic to bring out the treescape I saw. Feels very fall to me! It's about 14"x10" on paper.

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wow! i love how you do that, leah – instead of having an end vision in sight when you start, you interact with your pieces along the way, turn them around, upside down, and you totally go with it when your piece says to you, “i like how i started, but now i think i’d like to flip on my side.” it looks awesome!

You did capture that fall feeling. Love these trees.

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Interesting how you brought out the trees by leaving the collage to be seen. Giving us an idea of the size is good to imagine the final piece in an environment.

Love your use of negative space! That’s funny – this morning I had the thought that I was going to pay extra attention to the negative spaces I saw today.

Really cool piece. I have this image in mind of you holding up the page and turning and pondering and then the Muse hit!


Fall is amazing! and so is your piece!

Love this!!!

Such a beautiful Fall feeling.

Wow! I love the movement of this piece.
Stay inspired!

love it Leah- love the idea of collage – how cool!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog – I so appreciate your visit!!


This is beautiful! I already liked the collage the way it was but now that you have added the forest in that vibrant color it is doing something really cool to it. I love the shapes of the trees.

Lovely juxteposition of images! I also love the contrast between the warm and cool colors.

You always create such inspiring work. I am glad you are getting us all to join in this wonderful month long creative extravaganza!


I love this one!! Beautiful!


Oo, I love how it just evolved for you. At first I thought “carrots?” but now I totally see fall ;)

I love seeing/learning how you build up your lovely art. Looking beautiful.
Kat :-)

Loving the adventure you invited us all to share. I think I will try to let the acrylic flow more and hopefully like you, find a landscape. Love this Fall scene.

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