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November 10th, 2010

Hooray for a giveaway! I'm excited to giveaway a spot in the lovely Mindy Tsonas's e-course, THIS moment: all you have is all you need. Below, is a description of the e-course, which you read all about in more detail here.

THIS Moment will take you on an eye opening, heart spilling, and meaningfully creative journey! The 5 week ecourse includes:

  • - daily posts (mon-thurs.) filled with images, essays, and stories from my own life, as well as from special guests who’ve shone a light for me along the way, will serve as your inspiration and guide.
  • - accompanying daily downloads, which will become the pages of your very own THIS moment Workbook,  with prompts for you to scribble words, make messy and meaningful art, as well as practices and creative projects to help keep you focused on the true beauty of your life… right here, right now.
  • - a printable piece of art that will serve as your THIS moment Manifesto, to hang somewhere special and remind you to practice the present.
  • - a private space for sharing your art and thoughts with class participants. here, you can make connections while inspiring and supporting one another throughout the course.
  • - a complete copy of the ecourse posts in a downloadable PDF for you to take with you at the end of the class.

live the life of your dreams by loving the life you have
november 15 – december 16th, 2010

Want a spot in this delicious class? Just leave a comment. Share something about how you stay in the moment, if you'd like. I'll be randomly selecting one commenter on Saturday to win a spot in the class, which starts this Monday. Good luck!

UPDATE: The randomly selected winner is...Nolwenn!! Congrats! If you'd still like to join in, there's still time to sign up for the class, which starts on Monday!

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In November I have been tumbling, skipping, crawling and zumba-ing through the Valley of How. I think this program would remind me of the reasons I have chosen to move into and through and beyond this adventure.

Crossing fingers I am the one….

I stay in the moment by remembering to breathe. What an awesome and generous giveaway! *squee*

I stay in the moment by slowing down and taking it all in. Everything goes at top speed now a days and we miss too much just “speeding” by and ignoring the simple things that bring us those special moments. (See if I was in a hurry, I would have missed this chance to enter, hee hee)

Very Patty Digh! LOVE it! Here’s my comment (and my post – 33% through and I’m managing every day. Very please with myself. And with you, Leah, for creating this awesome sharing space!)

Wow! Living the moment is the Whole Point – it’s all we ever have so we should make it count. By that I mean be conscious of it, seek to enjoy it. My blog is subtitled “Make a poem of your life. Look for the beauty and rejuvenate your soul.” How much richer and more generous we would be if we all did more of this (myself included!!!). Sounds a great course!

I am growing a life inside of me so I find myself enjoy “right here right now” a lot more than my usual. Nothing brings you back to “RIGHT HERE” then a swift kick in the organs :) But I am loving every second of it!

Thank you so much for this giveaway.
I stay in the moment by remembering that I can’t change my past, that I don’t hold my future yet so that the only moment that matters is the “now”.

I have to admit I am struggling with “staying in the moment” at the moment. I keep bungee jumping ahead and then bouncing back to reality. I am in the middle of so many MOMENTS. perhaps this class will help to remind me of “my moments”. ciao!

Creative Everyday is helping stay in the moment.
I’m looking for photographs everyday.
I have to fit it in…… and that helps me find more time.

Sounds like a wonderful course!

wonderful words….and a huge CONGRATULATIONS on your news and the blessings that bestow you :) x

This sounds like the perfect course for me right now. My life lately has been all about perspective…focusing on the things that bring joy and free me to move forward. The more I practice letting go, the more I see what’s happening right now and the less I worry about what tomorrow or 10 years from now will bring.

As a teacher I had several years of looking forward to the breaks, winter break, spring break, summer break… But I found myself saying things like, “only two more weeks until summer…” or “I can’t wait until winter break”, and I was doing this a lot. Now I don’t do count-downs. If I am having a hard time at work, I tell myself to look forward to lunch. Or to snuggling in bed that night with my hubby. Or to picking my kids up after their day at school. It is more about finding something in THIS moment to enjoy rather than trying to get through my time so that I can enjoy a moment far in the future.

Cute baby, by the way!! Getting bigger than last I saw.

What a generous offer. I would love to take this e-course. Heaven knows I have trouble living in the moment!

Oh I could really put this to good use!
Thanks Leah

Stay in the moment by taking DEEP breaths and trying to put at least 30 minutes in – in the studio to be creative.

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my kids are a constant source of keeping me in the moment, whilst my art is a source of attempting to create a moment.

Fingers crossed ;)


This sounds wonderful!

Learning to stay in the moment is something I’m working on right now. I’m starting by ridding myself of clutter and distractions so I’m more able to pay attention to the moment. I’d love to win a spot in the class, because I can sure use the help!

pick me! pick me! pick me! (jumping up and down waving my arms) <3

I stay in this moment by being thankful and playing in my studio every day. I’m like a child playing with paints, I wudn’t hv it any other way! xoox

Staying in the moment takes practice for me. Seemed so easy as a child.

My mantra this year has been ’stay present’ which for me means to put away the laptop, turn off the tv and lay down the book and enjoy what ever is happening at this very moment in time…

I stay in the moment by taking a few seconds to remember where I’ve been, realize where I am today, and connect the many dots that happened along the way. Where I am is the moment, and the moment is where I’m meant to be.


Wet dog noses remind me to enjoy the moment. Doggies are always in the present. Painting brings me into the moment as well…when all else fades away, and the only thing left is me and the canvas before me. No worries, no stress, no bills, just me and my soul communicating.

And like me,
my soul sure does talk a lot!

Lately I’ve been trying to stay in the moment, with limited success. Turning off the computer seems to be working well though.

I remember to do one simple act; BREATHE! A real deep and slow, full breath…. in and out…. rhythmic in it’s beauty and magical in it’s restorative properties! :)

I try to have a cup of tea…and make that the only thing I’m doing.

I work in a law office, where Chaos and problems are the norm. One of the attorneys mostly does family law, the other is a public defender.
When it all gets to be too much, I take the time to get in to the moment of what is real. This is usually not the drama the clients are bringing us, While that is often urgent, it is not real.
it is the little things, and the really important things, our families and our friendships, those are what is real.

This would be so very useful and so timely.
Most of the time I´m doing something and thinking three steps forward. I relive my to do list so many times that by the end of the day I feel as tired as if I´d actually gone to the market six times, to school eight times and so on. *slaps forehead*

Thank you Leah for this opportunity!
I would love to participate in this workshop as I have to work hard at staying in the moment because of ADD and the regular distractions of daily living/being a mother. Creating helps me to stay more in the moment, although I often tend to allow it to become a stress or distraction instead.

This sounds perfect for me, and perfectly wonderful!

Staying in the moment is always a challenge! I manage it during yoga – most of the time – and often by remembering to just breathe. I’d love to win this course!

that is the challenge isn’t it?! creating helps me stay in the moment, but when I’m not creating breathing deep and music help me stay in the moment. Thanks for the great posts!

Oh man that sounds so awesome! And so perfect for where I’m at in my life right now :D There are many ways I stay in the moment; I love to meditate, sing & dance to my favourite happy music like a crazy person (in my lounge room of course, for all the people in the building across from me to see! Haha!), & painting/drawing/photography – okay anything creative! – always keeps me intensely in the moment, as I’m sure it does for all of you too :)
If I’m in public or in a hurry but feeling a bit stressed or caught up in the illusions of the past or future (or both!), I try to remember to just breathe deeply & focus on the air moving in & out of my body. That always helps.
Oh & one activity that always keeps me in the moment is traveling to new places, where everything is so new that you have no choice but to just experience it all – in the moment :)
Sorry for the long comment, can you tell I’ve been thinking/reading/writing about this topic a lot lately? Ha!
Keep Smiling! :) & thanks for everything!
Jen xox

I spend my time just trying to get in the moment let alone stay in the moment, so I could really stand to be accountable and this class sounds wonderful. What a fantastic give-away! Happy Days to everyone!

I would love to try this class!! It sounds so very interesting.

Staying in the moment for about the little things,
the colors of the birds i see at the feeder each day,
the way my cats stretch and sleep,
a text from my kids,
a scent from my dinner as i cook it,
colors of the spices as i add them to the pan.
The little things.

I try to remember what Eckhart Tolle advocates, stay in the moment by feeling your body. Looking at my hands or taking a deep breath are the quickest way to get into the moment.

We are already in the moment, we just have to constantly find ways to remind ourselves… making art is mindful presence…blessings to you all.

This sounds like a wonderful idea and even though I’ve never tried an e-course I’m sure there is always something I could learn. As for staying in the moment…try doing any kind of creative work. There is nothing to focus the moment more than loving (and hating) something you are making from the heart.

I set aside 15 min of meditation daily where I put my had over my heart and listen to/feel it beating.

This is something I battle with all the time. I’ve found the best way for me is to set aside a certain amount of time (usually 15 minutes) to meditate and just being more aware of when I start to go out of things. Just saying, “Breathe.”

Yay, looks like I found this post just in time.

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