Inkblot Dancers

November 26th, 2010

Another quick inkblot drawing for day 26 of Art Every Day Month after a full day of family time. It was fun, but I'm wiped! I hope you all had a fun week!

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Love your inkspot drawing. I have really enjoyed AEDM and have met some lovely people through it. Hope you will do it again. Have a good weekend…

I really like this inkblot thing:) Great movement the dancer on the left.

Ink blot or no, this has some great movement. It really works!

I love ink blot paintings, though I call them butterfly paintings. I just love how the paint mixes together and the colours blend.

Thanks so much for sharing.

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Awesome Leah!

So pretty :) You have a great eye to see such lovely things in your ink blots:)

so much movement into it

These are great. What kind of ink/paint do you use for your ink blots?

Thanks, Julie, I use Higgins and Liquitex inks and fluid acrylics.

How cool! What a fun idea!

Leah, the movement is great here. I definitely feel them dancing.

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