Inkblot Twins

November 27th, 2010

I'm totally tuckered out from family time and I'm still in my pajamas today, surrounded by cuddly kitties who are happy to have us home. I'm enjoying these little inkblots though. It had been awhile since I'd done them and I forgot just how fun they are! So for day 27 of Art Every Day Month, here's another inkblot of a pair of Twins, in lovely dresses.

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I like these lovely ladies. They look like show girls in a Westend/Broadway type show!

Glad you’re having a rest day in your PJs. You need a bit of extra rest when nurturing a baby in your tummy :-) It is very important work!

Kat Xx

These are fun! Rest days are wonderful! I just put my Mom on the plane home and will spend the rest of the day being a good spouse, but TOMORROW is all mine! Our cats are not happy right now b/c their favorite spoiler has left….but maybe they’ll talk to me again this evening….oh, cats!

Great twins! I love the detail in their dresses and all the different ways the twins seem connected. What a great and creative exercise.

These look like great fun! I’m going to give it a try. I like the simplicity and spontaneity!

love your inkblot twins. :) hope you’re feeling okay, little mama. xo

Wow – art from ink blots ! Such creativity

I like these. So good to be reminded of things to experiment with.

I have really enjoyed these recent inkblots – very fun and creative

Nice! I have to try this ink fun someday :-D

lovely twins :)

It´s amazing to see how you get these images out of their hiding place. :)

I like these show girls! Ink blots are such a good way to tease something out of your imagination. Today the last coat of poly is going on my table. It’s been a great project to do but not so interesting for daily postings I’m afraid. Nursing a back strain since Thanksgiving morn so I am reading and sketching…period!

Very cool idea Leah. I am really enjoying these entries. The ladies are my favorites!

awesome… twins born out of rorschachs! i love!!

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