Pink Mermaid

November 3rd, 2010

After a busy start to the day, I created day 3's art in the late afternoon.This one was fun to do. I simply wet a piece of watercolor paper, then dripped pink, blue, and turquoise inks onto it to create shapes. I also added some water to create some drips. Then I propped it up while it dried, so it was in my view, and I occasionally looked at it as I worked on the computer. Eventually I saw part of the shape of a mermaid and I used more ink to bring it out. She's about 11"x14".

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You have some great energy in this. You can see her moving on the page. Interesting technique for great results.

Thanks for sharing.

(eating breakfast)

It’s great to hear how you did it…what a fun outcome!

Beautiful…I love the drippy look, the mixing of color and the feathery edges when they meet…very cool!

Sounds like a fun way to make art!

Stunning colours Leah.

a wonderful way to create! she’s a beauty!

I love her!

Oooooh! Pretty.


What a beautiful free and fluid effect!

Thank you for sharing how you did this wonderful piece!

Wow! I love that image Leah. That drip into a shape idea is a great one. I might give it a go. :0)

You are working on quite a big size this year. I admire how you “see” the shapes and bring the protagonist out.

What a fun process (with great results)!

You amaze me with what you com up with!

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So beautiful, love the colors

Very flowing and liquid. Nice.

That is very cool how you did that, you ended up with a great picture.

She is sweet and dreamy. I like the pink in it.

While you were painting this mermaid, I was writing about a mermaid. But she’s a white mermaid, not pink. Although I think she might be a pink personality. She’s only a girl. She has yet to discover who she is.

Maybe our mermaids are friends?

So many creative souls. So much other work I need to be doing! But this is definitely my “go-to” spot for resting spells right now!

I love playing with ink & watercolour paper – the results are always interesting. Beautiful mermaid.

Kat X

it is day 4 of the challenge your mermaid is delightful, I have participated 4 days…alas, I didn’t read ALL the directions…but here I am today

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