Purple Forest

November 29th, 2010

For day 29 of Art Every Day Month, I wanted to play on watercolor paper and fluid acrylics again. I had a totally different idea in mind when I started, but after I got going, I had to follow where the art took me, which was to this purple forest! It's about 10"x11".

I can hardly believe the month is coming to an end! This one totally flew by. I'll say thank you to all you amazing creatives tomorrow, but in the meantime, I hope the final day of Art Every Day Month is a beautiful one for you!

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Love the purple forest! So beautiful!

Gorgeous colours and effects. It reminds me of a tie dye effect. I think this image would work well on t-shirts, journal covers….basically it could be used on many objects as well as look gorgeous hanging on a wall. I must get me some of these fluid acrylics – you’ve inspired me – AGAIN!! Lol. Thanks for being a constant inspiration and a beautiful companion on my own creative journey.

Kat X

These are my three favourite colours so I love that you put them together.

This is a forest I’d love to visit, gorgeous!

I agree. You could print this on anything and everything! The light coming through from behind is incredible!

(kind of looks like a porcelain doll tumbling through, foot in air, at the bottom right!) ;)

ohhhhhh … i have loved all your art this month but this one leaves me gasping, so beautiful xoxo

Reminds me of an early snow on a fall day. Beautiful!

This is so tranquil and beautiful. The leaves are like snowflakes, but much warmer than the ones outside. I can see this piece as being very useful as a meditation focus tool when one is stressed. I’m just going to go stare at it again for awhile.

This is beautiful.

Hard to believe the month is coming to an end. Now just to keep going anyway :)

Beautiful colors…I love to see the results of your “play”!
(I can’t believe there is only one day left!)

Again, I love the fluid background! Lovely!

This is beautiful!!! Love the effect you created with the watercolours.

Absolutely amazing! The combination of red and purple is always so regal and wonderful. I like where the muse took you.

I love the effects on this one, that shock of red is awesome! Well Done!

Beautiful Purple forest! I see and feel so much Earth mama energy in your art! Incubating great life! Here is my final post. What an enlightening month of life as art, love as art, art as meditation it has been! http://onelovealliance.blogspot.com/2010/11/art-everyday-everywhere-in-everyway.html
Deep gratitude! Big Love,

How beautiful, so love it! Can’t believe tomm. is the last day, it’s been a blast!

I love all your paintings, but this one speaks to me…love the colors and everything about it…

BEautiful! I love how you can get the fluid blending look, but it looks good instead of bleeding all over each other… I will have to practice on that myself!

so beautiful

Wow! These colors really zing! And, it’s wonderful to see how you allowed the paint to flow and work it’s magic.

This is so, so, so gorgeous! <3

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