Red Leap

November 7th, 2010

And now for something completely different! Or at least it feels very different from what I've been up to this month so far.

For day 7 of Art Every Day Month, again, I began with an intuitive/spontaneous approach. I took a piece of rice paper and roughly traced a leaping figure in sharpie marker that I found in a magazine (changing a few elements...I gave her flowing hair.) Under her, I wrote the word "leap."

Later, I took a piece of 6"x12" canvas paper, and squirted paint directly onto it, red and golds, then sprayed some purple-ish spray onto that. When that dried, I used gel medium to put the rice paper over the painted piece. It wasn't quite as transparent as it has been with past experiments, but it made a cool effect. I let it dry, tore away the excess rice paper and voila!

The shapes in the rice paper make it look like she's leaping through a forest to me. Although all the reds make it feel like she's leaping over or through fire.

Sometimes it amazes me the things that will come flowing out, if given the time and space to do so. This piece is just right for me today.

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Leah, what a beautiful piece. Fantastic texture and I love the line drawing. Have a nice week, Evelyn

awesome! i can see lots of shapes in the background texture – looks like there is a big tippy toe in front, and a huge paw right behind it – and a butterfly toward the top. what a fun piece!

I know what you mean, Leah. There is something wonderful about playing with materials and seeing where they take you. It’s a kind of “leap”!!
Love it!!

I just love the movement of this.

Cool process, came out very loevly, I really like this.

nice. I have no idea what I will do next.

Wow, awesome, it does look like forest.

Very cool – it reminds me of a canyon.
Stay inspired!

I love that red Leah. The effects of the rice paper are really cool. Thanks for sharing your process.

It’s nice, Leah. You are so inventive! I’m gathering ideas.

So very lovely, Leah.

Great technique, the texture is wonderful. I love the spots where the reds and golds sit together too.

This is fabulous – so well captured

Leap – and the net will appear!! YES!!
I did blog today, but didn’t finish the art journal page I was working on. I’ll post a picture tomorrow. I promise!

love it! i really like the fact that some of the rice paper is more opaque and gave you the whites, and the texture & patterns revealed by tearing the excess away. fun thing about mixed media- you never know for sure how things will look, but it’s always fun to find out!

way kool! i create something even if its small and takes only 5 minutes just to start the day and to see some insights! Thanks for sharing!

oh wow! What an interesting outcome. I like all the shapes that are formed.

I feel like I am that figure in your painting. I’ve been taking lots of leaps this year!

Love it!

i love it!

Now that is a very interesting texture. Thanks for sharing it and how you made it.

And thanks also for your lovely comments on my blog today.

(up late)

I love the surprises in the mixed media process too. The red and gold is great together. I’m a sucker for gilt anything. I have to be careful or my inner tacky comes flying out with abandon.;o)

Leah, I love the figure. The background is neat, but I just love how there is some shape and detail to the clothing of this leaping figure and it looks like she has some boots on.

Fellow leaper, LEAP ON! Week one has been amazing. I am blogging about it now. Living Life as ART! Thank you so much! Art Everyday is great Inspiration and Invitation!

We all ‘leap’ into the unknown everytime we begin a creative project and put our heart and soul into it. Scary but exhilerating. In the same vein of thought – the red could symbolise the firey passion so many people on here feel about being creative.

Well that’s what it meant to me. Lol.

Thanks for sharing your techniques again.

Kat X

Love this technique. I’m thinking the tracing would be wonderful to scan and used as a digital brush…
better get to making some art!
Thanks for the inspiration.

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