Tree Visit

November 10th, 2010

For day 10 of Art Every Day Month, I was out most of the day, so today was a totally spontaneous creation. I simply started painting and let it sit for a bit. I ended up cropping a part of it to draw on top of with ink to create the "Tree Visit" image, which is about 4.5" x 9".

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I’m loving this Leah. Now that I know you’re pregnant, I see the growth of all the little tree branches moving upward . It’s interesting too to see the the three main branches vs. the single image of the woman. Plus, I’m reading into the curve of the tree as well. Makes me want to look deeper into my own work. :)

she looks like she just emerged from the shadow of the hill, like a little wisp of smoke – she’s enchanting!

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love the magical quality of this :)
Stay inspired!

Gosh I loved the bird tree but this one – WOW! I love it Leah!

Your “spontaneous” work amazes me. I wish I could find a way to let creativity flow more freely.

Beautiful. I love your tree paintings <3

I feel totally inspired but don’t know what to put to paper. Totally blank page staring at me!

This tree is beautiful! I try to create everyday and often forget to blog about what I did, but I am hoping to someday get better at it!

I like the idea of “not being strick with having to do something everyday”! Sometimes I just don’t feel like it!

the coloring in this is fabulous – a wonderful piece, well done

very makes my imagination wake up :)


This is truly lovely, Leah! Really haunting and magical.

I love the idea of putting ink after the paint, I must try it. I really like the feeling of this painting, a lot!

This is a lovely piece of artwork, so peaceful and serene. I love it!


Not only am I enjoying the colors you chose for this piece I am also loving the imagery as well. Really sweet.

I love the dramatic setting and colors. Lovely! Your figure looks like she is peering off into the unknown.

Ooh there’s a real sense of mystery and intrigue with this one. Your art always makes me want to write an accompanying story.

As always I’m loving the tree. Trees are the thing that seems to occur in my creative work most often. No surprise I suppose cause I’m totally in love with trees.

Kat X

Tree as a symbol of growth. Tree as nurturer. Tree as ally. I love these paintings you are creating as a symbol of your journey. I respond to them as a symbol of my own. Bless you, sweet Leah ♥


I adore this. Oh, how I adore this.

I am going to visit some trees in about 90 minutes. This image will live in my mind as we “hang out” together.

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