What’s Behind

November 11th, 2010

For day 11 of Art Every Day Month, I had the urge to play with collage. I put the elements together first, glued them down, and then let it sit for awhile. Eventually, a curve stood out to me that made me think of the curve of a shoulder, so I started sketching and this image came out. I was going to develope it a bit more, but decided to leave it simple. It's about 9"x12".

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Keeping it simple works here, definitely.

Wasn’t it Radford who said:
‘Half of art is knowing when to stop.’

It’s perfect the way it is.

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OOOHHH This is really stunning. I like all the layers that are in the background. BTW, I will definitely be joining the creative every day challenge when AEDM is over. I am totally loving this! I am so thankful for you and your website, you have lifted my spirits this month.

I love the mystery of this Leah. Part of it is from the dark blue but also the expression on the girl’s face.

I really like this one, she looks a little sad like she is looking at what she is leaving behind.

I love the map bits at the bottom…and what’s ahead ;)

It’s a beautiful creation. Thought provoking.

I love that collage – what a beautiful technique. Still trying to hop on the creative every day wagon – I just don’t seem to have enough hours in the day! I will keep watching here for inspiration, though.

This is beautiful! I love the different layers of text, map and cursive, and how they all show through the lady.

This is stunning… I love them all, but this is my favorite so far.

(Thanks again for hosting this inspiring challenge)

this is beautiful – so engaging

Wow. This is all kinds of awesome. I love the map at the bottom. And the figure is perfect.

This is really captures something. Great piece.

i like the ephemera. it gives it a narrative quality.

oooooooooooooooooh, i love her mixed media-ness! She’s loooovely, Leah! The new calendar looks FABU, too!!

I think that you stopped adding at the perfect spot. It has such a great introspective feeling to it.

This is so beautiful and just goes to show that sometimes keeping it simple allows the piece to speaks so much more :)

I really like this one. The way the map and the bike tie into the feeling of traveling is great and I love the body language and the look on her face.

Great mood and I liked seeing the bike come back into this piece.

So lovely. I love working with maps, so this really appeals to me. :-)

This is hauntingly (is that a word) beautiful..she looks like she’s ghosting about traveling the world all alone…I love it. Thank you so much for AEDM..I’m loving every minute of it:)

I love the expression on her face. Beautiful -

i am so enchanted with your intuitive process! i work so often from a vision backward, and i love seeing you let each line take you where it will. this piece invites so many interpretations – is she fearful of someone behind her? taking in all she has accomplished? hesitant to leave something behind that she doesn’t want to, or worried about taking a step forward? or ready to leap, but just taking that one last look?

Wow. This is my favorite so far this month.

I love this one, it turned out beautifully!

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