2011 Creative Every Day Challenge

December 3rd, 2010

2011 is nearly here and with it, we'll be starting the 4th year of the Creative Every Day Challenge! I've got the new logo up in the sidebar and a new sign-up page for the new year. (I'm using the same format for sign-ups as I did for Art Every Day Month this year.)

The main goal of the Creative Every Day Challenge is to bring more creativity into our daily lives. It's a low-pressure challenge that takes a broad view of creativity to mean anything from drawing to cooking to knitting to welding to telling bedtime stories to your children. I want you to get creative with how you're creative. It will help you see the endless ways there are to be creative in your everyday life.

As with the last couple years, I will provide a (totally optional) monthly theme which you can use if it inspires you, ignore, or do some mix of the two. I will also have a weekly check-in post (every Monday morning) where you can leave a link to your blog or Flickr post showing your latest creative activities.

If you don't have a blog, don't worry! You can still join in and leave comments about what you're up to in the weekly check-in post, share your work on Flickr and/or share your work on Twitter, using the hashtag #ced2011.

To read more about the challenge and the ways you can participate, click here. To sign-up and announce your commitment to a year of creativity, click here.

I'm looking forward to it!

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Lovely logo! Thanks for the opportunity!

Cheers to a new year filled to the brim with creativity. I love the artwork for this year and will proudly display it! Thanks Leah for leading us on our creative journeys.

Thank goodness we have you to prod us along, Leah! Looking forward to another great year of creative colaboration with all the nice folks who gather together at CED!!

Love the new button, so lovely :-D

Glad to be a part of this great creative group. I’m very excited!

excellent – looking forward to it…putting your new badge up now.

My third year signing up….I’m so excited to be on this creative journey. Thank you so much, Leah!

Beautiful new logo.

Joining CED this year was one of the best choices I made all year.

Looking forward to CED2011 & continuing to be part of such a fab community!

Kat X

Love the new logo! Excellent choice :)

Thanks Andrew! (that’s my husband commenting, who helped me choose this one from among the logo ideas I had.) :-)

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I agree with Andrew, it is a lovely logo.
It is a wonderful Community and I look forward to participating this coming year.

Fantastique is your CED2011 painting, love love the colors and all that you envoke with the image itself!!!
It is going to be another wonderfully creative year!


Beautiful new logo!! I loooove that painting you did.

What a beautiful looking button! I will continue to participate, as I enjoy creating and sharing and I love your community! Hope you are well :) Much love ~ Ana (Just signed up yipppeee)

gret! Done! Looking forward to wonderful 2011.

Yay! Thank you for doing this yet again. Really looking forward to it.

I had a goal for 2010 to be more creative. Then I got sick. Sigh. But I’m better now, and I think this challenge will really help me move toward that goal. Thanks for doing it! And here’s to 2011 being a MUCH better year!

Joining in again this year!! Thanks for hosting another wonderful year of creativity :)

Last year, I kind of fell off the wagon (so to speak. :D ) Here’s to being CED in 2011!

I’m in!!!! Love the new button. Speaking of buttons… pat the belly for me. *grins*

Hi Leah, I’m back again and ready to enjoy your inspiration once again. Thank you for continuing this wonderful work :) !

Hi Leah! I just signed up put your CED 2011 logo on my blog! Looking forward to spending another year of creativity with all of you! :)

So excited to be creative with this community once again! YAY! YAY! YAY!

Ready for a new year of creating!

Yay! I’m planning to be there with y’all.

just started a new project: a face a day, so I’m ready for 2011 :-)

I joined the challenge. This will be my first year to participate. I love the idea behind it and I’m looking forward to it.

Totally loving CED and keeping the momentum going… thanks for hosting this and keeping us all together :)

What a pretty little button you made for CED. Even if I wasn’t signing up (which I am) I’d put it on my blog cuz it’s so pretty.

Thanks Leah. I’ve had fun this year.

I’m looking forward to this year. I can’t wait to find new ways to incorporate creativity in my daily life. Thank you for hosting this challenge!

Today I worked on putting away all the art supplies in places where my 3 year old grandson (thinks he’s part raccoon) can’t get to them. His parents are the “talk the kid to death” type of parents and don’t make him believe that no means no. They only come over once a year. DIL has MS, so I figure that I can accommodate them. Did the glorious laundry folding and still managed to make 6 cards today. Fortunately I give my kids and their kids money and the parents do all the work. So I have 3 dolls to wrap from my mom to my grand-daughters and 3 sets of nesting dolls from us to have something besides a card to open. And of course the grandson’s two presents have to be wrapped. Everything is in boxes and the wrap, etc is all lined up. Should take about 30 min tomorrow.

I joined the challenge. This will be my first year to participate. I love the idea behind it and I’m looking forward to it.

[...] number one of Creative Every Day 2011, proved challenging and I was very emotional. Winter is difficult for me, seasonal disorder, lower [...]

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