A special work in progress

December 8th, 2010

Yesterday we had our big ultrasound and what a relief, she's healthy and happy, kicking and punching away. Oh, and yes, I said "she." It's a girl!

I had a feeling at the very beginning of the pregnancy, an inexplicable intuition, that this baby was a girl. If people asked if I had any idea, I'd tell them about that initial feeling, but that I wasn't 100 percent sure. I didn't want to declare it publicly. I would have been thrilled with either sex. But when it came time to find out, I realized I was going to be surprised if it was a boy because deep down, I'd been feeling girl all along. And amazingly, loads of other people (friends and family) were also feeling the girl vibe and told me so. The hubster started to believe it too. So, in a way, we weren't surprised to hear it. But still, finding out and saying things like "Oh, she's so cute!" have made things so much more real for us all of the sudden. That and the monster kicks she's now delivering.

The ultrasound itself was awesome. We were both amazed by the four chambers of the heart, the spine, the organs, and her little hands and feet. I mean, we all know where babies come from, but this process is so mind-blowing. Wow. I have no words for it.

Yesterday was also special because it was the first time the hubster felt her move. We were snuggled in bed after having warm cups of cocoa when I started feeling her move. I put his hand on my belly and she whopped him good. Hehe.

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:) amazing, isn’t it? I’m thrilled for you guys. Maybe she likes chocolate already?!! xo

Oh, Leah!

I am so excited for both of you (all three of you). I remember the wonder of my first pregnancy. There are no words in the world to truly capture the magic of it.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


Congratulations, I’m so pleased for you… baby girls are magic.

Congratulations! What an adventure this creation is going to take you on.

That’s awesome! *big grins*

EEEEEK! Words cannot describe how flipping excited I am for you! Tell Andrew it’s the first of many “love-taps” he’s going to receive from his daughter!!!

So wonderful. Savor your very special time.

What a truly cherish able experience. Am so very happy for you both, and the little girl awakening to the world soon. My very best out to you, and all life brings. x

wonderful – congrats!

Congratulations! what a great picture.

Precious moments, precious feelings! Keep them as such <3 !

Leah, this is so wonderful & I’m THRILLED you’re having a girl. I love the scan picture.

So, so great, magical. Better then anything else in a whole world. Enjoy it!

Oh Leah, such a wonderful time for you both. When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband and I used to eat dinner together and then sit and watch my belly for entertainment afterwards:) No TV necessary! Enjoy every minute it ….

Marvelous! I’m so glad you’re enjoying these moments. :) May blessings continue to pour into your family’s life!

Boy ultrasound has come a long way since my kids were born – so clear! Girls are great. Love my guys but my gals – well, no words. Daughter waited til birth with both hers to find out. I got to announce granddaughter because I was in the right position. Birth is so wonderful these days – so different than for me even in the 70s and early 80s. So happy for you!

WOW! Congratulations! That’s so exciting!

AWWWWW! This brings back such precious memories of my two! We found out our first was a boy. My second wasn’t giving up the sex until “she” came out. The Hubs was hoping for a 2nd ultrasound but none was needed so he had to wait.

And you might find that you’ll know when they are coming too. Jokingly I told the Hubs I’d give him a Valentine’s Day present he’d never forget and whoomp there was T. Bear! I did the same with our daughter. She was born on Friday the 13th and it was Good Friday that year. I simply stated, “Wouldn’t it be funny if…” and there she arrived on Friday the 13 and it was indeed a Good Friday.

Thanks so much for evoking such warm fuzzies!



Congratulations, how thrilling!

congratulations, Leah! how absolutely wonderful!

Yay Leah!!! What a beautiful gift for both of you. I just got shivers when I saw the image online. Congratulations and much joy and happiness. Hugs Janet XOXO

YAY! Boundless love, health and joy to you all! That 5 month ultrasound is such a milestone in the pregnancy. And girls ROCK! Amazing creation growing with in you every day! Bless you all! Gabriela

A special work in progress for sure…no other creation will ever top this one :)
So glad all is well and you are jouyfully skipping along the path of parents to be….enjoy the moments :)

Congratulations! I am sooo excited for you guys! *squeals*

Great big hugs,
Everything is possible for one who believes. -Mark 9:23

How wonderful and amazing! And so wonderful to see what she looks like right now! I hope the rest of your pregnancy is easy and pleasant!

yeah! i’m so excited for you! baby girls are the most wonderful things in the world. well, okay, so yes, baby boys are wonderful things too, but given that i have twin GIRLS, i biased. :-)

Thanks for sharing such a precious image with us. Almost looks like she has a little bubble floating above her! Well I guess we know where all of your creativity has been channeled to lately!!xoxo

Ohh leah, she is beautiful. Before I read your post I looked at her and thought, girl!

I remember when my first pregnancy became real…such an incredible feeling.

Blessings and joy

This is such a joy to read! I’m wishing you and your family SO much happyiness.

Aw, Leah. This is pure fabulousness.

So beautiful + precious + wow.

I’m crazy happy for you all.

p.s. I love that she kicked after cocoa. (grin)

How beautiful! and Wonderful! Enjoy EVERY SINGLE minute of her….they grow up soooo fast! My baby is 19 now! Congratulations!!

Congratulations! Another creative little girlie

Hugs and congrats on it being a girl!

How exciting for you. Isn’t funny how you know. I knew I was having a girl the whole time. When I had my daughter they did not have ultra sounds(imagine that shows my age) When Nelly came out. I just knew! Its amazing! I am so excited for you and will be sending wonderful thoughts your way!

That is so wonderful! I am so happy for you and your husband.

Congrats, Leah!

Leah, I am so happy for you! When I was pregnant with my son I had a very strong feeling that it was son. Deep in my heart (from out of nowhere) I wanted this son. I didn’t learn what sex he was until he was born and I remember telling myself, “I would love a girl just as much.” Truly I would have been happy either way. I was relieved though that he turned out to be a boy since my feelings on this were so strong. It seemed almost silly. I can picture you with a sweet little girl. I can really see it. Enjoy every step of the way. It truly is miraculous!


This brings happy tears to my eyes. I have what I call BabyLust really badly right now and sharing the babies of others really helps. I am so grateful about your baby girl!! If Samuel was a girl he would have been Chiara Leah, so somehow… I feel extra connected!

HUGS to your entire family. Humans, cats, babies… your art… each and all!

OH Leah!!!! I am so stinking over the moon happy for you!!! This is so awesome!! Little baby Creative Everyday is going to be so freaking cute and talented and sweet and precious and perfect…..that’s what my intuition is telling me!!!

Giving you and your beautiful baby jelly bean BIG HUGS!!

Ok…I just need to say it one more time…I’m so happy for you!!!

BIG Hugs!

what fun you are having a girl!! both of my daughters are pregnant now–due 2 weeks apart! I will be a busy Grandma….have a great birth!

This is really special. I’m so happy for you :-D
The picture is so clear, most memorable one.

Say hi to your little baby girl for me.

What wonderful news! A beautiful baby girl! Thank you for sharing it with us all.

I am super excited and pleased for you. You made me smile when you wrote about how awe struck you were. Even though we know where babies come from & how they grow etc – having a baby of your own growing inside is mindblowing. I remember with my first, my daughter, after she was born staring at her for hours amazed that she could have been inside my tummy so perfect and now there in my arms. It was like “how did that happen?” “I have a real life perfect baby” LOL :-) They are little miracles for sure.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy every single magical moment.

Big hugs
Kat Xx

I am so happy I feel like a relative!! Remember… you did say I could at least be the baby’s Fairy Godmother–right??? I used to do this for kid’s parties. I’m all yours for as many parties as you’d like me to get totally & utterly silly at…errrr I mean help with. xx oo xx oo

Wow – what an extraordinary adventure you are embarking on. Three kids and ten grandkids later, there is still nothing more wondrous than a baby. Having three daughters, I’m partial to girls. Leah, congratulations to you all! And since you’re announcing the sex, your gifts will not be all yellow and green which is what happens when you don’t know whether to get pink or blue. The yellow and green things tend to have frogs and ducks on them too. One more thing – you have no idea how much love a person can feel until you look upon your child, and it is so overwhelming there are no words. I can’t wait for you to have that experience.

awwww… this brings a sweet tear to my eyes. congrats again. I actually was floored to find out my baby was a boy, I was sure he was a girl… haha

She looks beautiful! So peaceful just waiting for her time to enter this world.

Oh, wow! What a special time in your life. Congratulations and all good wishes for you three. My daughter has a 14-month old adorable daughter and, believe me, it seems like she was born yesterday! Enjoy every moment (even those sleepless nights) because they go by so fast.

So happy for you! Children are life’s greatest blessing.

Wonderful news! Congratulations and best wishes to you and the hubster.

Congratulations! I remember the ultrasounds from my children it is magical. All the best.

So very happy for you my awesome friend. Really, really happy.

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