Full Wolf Moon and Other Goodies

January 19th, 2011

With tonight being the Full Wolf Moon, I sat down after dinner to make a dreamboard, something I used to do with collaged images, but in the last year or so I have enjoyed drawing or painting them. I thought it was a good thing to share during the month of cosmos! In this one, I intuitively drew a tree growing from a wolf, with the various branches holding things I want to manifest, such as a healthy body and baby. Have you made a dreamboard for the full moon before? You can find out more about them from the amazing, Jamie Ridler.

I've got a couple other goodies to share too!

1. The lovely and talented, Liv Lane is celebrating the one year anniversary of her Happy HeART giveaways and to help her celebrate, I'm giving away one of my prints! All you have to do is stop by and leave a comment here.

2. My calendar publisher offered me a great discount after the holidays, so I picked up some more, so I could pass the savings on to you! While they last, you can grab one of my 2011 calendars for half off! And if you'd like a drawing on your birthday in the calendar, simply order a second item (greeting card, print, or original art.)

3. The Soul Art TV series of interviews of Creative Revolutionaries has been so fun to watch! If you haven't checked them out yet,  you can sign up here (they're free) and get a whole bunch of free gifts in the process! I'll let you know when my interview is up.

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I love this, so inspiring to move on making my plans for the full moon tonight,I love the full moon and my wolf spirits,
thanks Leah!

Sakes Alive….I wish I knew it was the Full Wolf Moon.
I saw it but did not know what it was called.
I would have howled!

I came across the Richmond bridge last night coming to the East Bay and the moon was huge, tea stained and cast a very broad yellowish reflection across the gunmetal gray ocean below. It was so breath taking. Full Wolf Moon? Do the moon’s bear other names at certain times of the year?

The morning this morning was still in the horizon at 6:45 as the molten sunrise filled the east on the the silhouetted hills. Again. I love life when I am privileged to see such awesome beauty! Can I do a dream moon painting tonight? I think I will.

I love the idea of a Full Wolf Moon, I’ll have to look that up :)

I love your full moon wolf drawing. Your blog is very creative. I’m going to add you to my list. Great site!!

I love the heart and soul that has gone into this art.

It occurs (or re-occurs) to me how much we have similar passions – wolves, like trees are another of my loves too. Fascinating animals and so beautiful. It is always a treat viewing your art because you create what I love. Thanks!

I shall pop over to Liv Lane. It is always great to be introduced to new creative folk.

Kat X

What a cool idea!!! I never thought of making a full moon dream board. I will add that to my next month. Thank you for the inspiration, and link to Jamie’s. <3 you!

I was able to gather a group on the full moon to make dream boards and wishing shrines. I’ll put some photos up later this week. It was an enormously rich experience. Thank you for the link to the idea.

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