Night Dance

January 3rd, 2011

If you're looking for this week's check-in, I posted it a little early, on Saturday, because I thought it would be nice to have a check-in begin at the start of the year. After this week, the check-ins will return to Mondays.

I'm loving the excitement and enthusiasm around the Creative Every Day Challenge this year (you can sign up anytime!) Keep on sharing, encouraging each other, and creating freely. It's going to be a great year!

With the piece to the right, I started playing intuitively with a piece of 6"x12" canvas paper that I wet, then dripped magenta and blank ink onto it, letting it spread and move on the page. As I worked, I thought about the cosmos theme and it felt like I was creating a mini milky way.

I let that dry and then came back to it later. I saw a figure dancing, so I brought that out with a bit of acrylic paint. I put on a podcast about prenatal dance while I painted, so that was great background for this pink dancer!

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Good morning, Leah, and Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for hosting this lovely creative community! I posted my first link last night, and was so excited! I have been peeking in from time to time, and have seen the CED badge on many other sites. I’m proud to have my own badge now!

I created a page on my blog to host my creativities, and will add to the page and post that same link each time. Hope that will be okay.

I love the beautiful pink dancer, and am so looking forward to soaking up the creative spirit here on your site!

Have a great week!

Love love the flow, the darkness and pink of this, I feel the new dance for the the new year!

Love the loosey goosey feel of your pink dancer!

This is so pretty. I love the pink on black.

I am really looking forward to being inspired by your site and challenges this year. Unfortunately I am having computer issues. So I’m spending my creative energy on solving my computer issues.

I did change the background and header on my blog this weekend as a celebration of the New Year. But posting is an issue :) .

Thanks for everything you do!
Amanda J.

beautiful Leah! I love the swirly pinks of her dress. i’m getting back in the creative every day groove this year! thanks for the constant inspiration!

Love the colours!!! I also sometimes draw or paint whilst listening to music – I often find that inspires or leads me to create something new (to me!).
Thank you for the site and the challenge – having just joined I feel that tingle of excitement that I usually get when embarking on a new project – just hope it lasts :)
Linda D.

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Gorgeous!! It has an ethereal quality to it that fits wonderfully with the theme. And I love that her hair is also Magenta.

Hope all is good with you and bump.

My internet connection is broken at moment so if I’m not as involved for a few days that will be why.

Kat X


Very nice painting. I love hot pink and black together…always a great combination of colors.

I’m very excited about the CED Challenge!

Hi Leah (and everybody :) ) – I just joined today and am really looking forward to being part of CED 2011. I’ve found your work inspiring for ages Leah so it’ll be nice to see what you come up with and also to see how everyone else is inspired by the themes. :)

Thank-you Leah for hosting CED 2011. I’m not sure if I’m posting my work in theright spot. Your dancer is very elegant. I love the movement of her and her hair. Happy Creating.

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year! Love the pink dress Leah. ;o)I’m finally back writing and drawing. I only took 10 days off but man it feels like forever! It feels good to be creating again.


Beautiful, It flows like she is sitting in cosmos. I have so much gratitude for this site and project. Thank you Leah. Best wishes with you new project. xoxo Terah

LOVE this painting, Leah….the magenta and black work so well together. Great ethereal mood too.

Oh I love the colors Leah! She’s so peaceful to me.

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