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January 30th, 2011

Here's the bag, all finished up. I was happy to get through this first project. I made a whole lot of mistakes along the way, but they were all good learning experiences.

All that sewing got me excited to try my own project. Using the Anna Maria Horner book I got from the library and some fabric I ordered online, a nice cotton outside and flannel inside, I set to work on making a pair of baby booties.

They're a bit lumpy, but for my first go, I'm quite pleased with them. Cute, eh? Next up on my sewing agenda is a baby hoodie.

p.s. The pictures above are from two different iphone apps. The top one is from Hipstamatic and the bottom two are from a super cool app called Instagram. The neat thing about Instagram is that after you take your picture, you add a filter to it, and then you can share it with your Instagram followers (much like Twitter) or post it on places like Facebook. If you join Instagram, you can find me under the username leah_art.

p.p.s. One of my oldest blogging friends, who I simply adore has set up this fabulous blog, La Salonniere: Interviews for the Creatively Curious. And her most recent interview was with me! I loved Marilyn's thoughtful questions. I shared a bit about my own creative history, my love of trees, and how I came to the style of leading I have for the Creative Every Day Challenge. You can read the interview here.

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The bag is beautiful and also the baby shoes are very sweet.

Great job! My mother is amazing with needle and thread, unfortunately I did not get THAT gift from her :P I can’t sew to save my life! Love love what you did! :)

And I like your baby booties, lumps included! :D

Beautiful. I love the bag (:

darling! your little girl’s feet are going to be so sweet :) )

Oh my goodness those booties are adorable. Cool bag, too!

So nice! I love the baby booties and the bag. The fabrics are dreamy.

Hi Leah, Your wonderful bag is lovely, and the little booties are perfect! I just finished reading the interview at La Solonniere and left a comment – just wanted you to know :) xoxJanet

that bag is cool and those booties…awwww. :) i *loved* what you said in your interview. thanks for sharing it with your readers. xoxo

Love your bag and your booties! I just sewed something myself, a curtain for my new art space. Loved the interview as well Leah.


Your bag turned out great and the booties are too cute. I’m off to read your interview. Happy sewing!

Kudos to you Leah for sewing! I love LOVE the wee little booties. Your interview was wonderful!



Amazing! This is your first project?! You look like a pro already.

For someone who’s never done this before, these are amazing! Lucky baby :)

Oh my goodness, Leah!! These are totally ADORABLE!! And of course you would create something that is so incredibly gorgeous on your first try!!

Holy Cow those booties are awesome!! Im a bit of a shoe freak and I have very fond memories of my son’s first booties. They had duck heads on them. ;o)

I’m off to read the interview! Oh and guess what?? I’m officially published in someone elses blog. Okay they take anybody but its all good! ;o)

Gorgeous booties! I’m impressed how quickly you’ve learnt to make such cool stuff.

Kat :-)

LOVE the baby booties, Leah!!!

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