We Are All Made of Stars

January 12th, 2011

I was just full of images today relating to the Cosmos theme and I'm glad I was able to get one of them out. I was thinking of Carl Sagan's quote about us all being made of "star stuff" and also singing Moby's song in my head as I painted it.

Of course, since I've got my baby on my mind, this worked it's way into the piece too, with a pregnant figure and a spiral of stars at the belly. Oh, I love that spiral!

This piece is about 5"x10" with acrylic and ink on canvas paper.

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It’s beautiful! A mother goddess, no less :-)

Soooo gorgeous!

Another beautiful piece Leah, I love the shape of her body, the way she just is curvy and lanky looking. You have such a wonderful way of getting your thoughts down and sharing them with everyone.

Beautiful is all I can say!

it’s phenomenal, Leah–really beautiful and moving!!

So, so, so beautiful. You are a goddess!

This is fantastic, I love it.

Loved the title and the concept!

This is absolutely lovely!

I hated being pregnant, and I am always Totally jealous of those of you who blossom and look beautiful in such a condition. No fair. I looked and felt much like a troll.
Oh right, anyway.
I copy (but not copy-copy) your beautiful ideas nearly each post. Thank you for the inspiration!!

~beautiful! I hope that you’re feeling good and enjoying this most precious time. xo

Holy smokes Leah! She is absolutely stunning! Wowzers!


This is beautiful! Mother Nature? Star Mother?

Isn’t being pregnant a most awesome and wonderful time?


Wow, beautiful. Women and the cosmos go hand in had sometimes that’s for sure. ;)


Beautiful image… And I love how you said you were “full of images”. That is the perfect explanation of that feeling.

This one reminds me of the Egyptian goddess Nut who is the night sky…

Wow Leah this is so lovely and serene. (I did a painting by the same name once but it wasn’t anything like as lovely! I painted something better over it :) ) I just love this.

Oh Leah, this is such a magical piece, it honestly took my breath away :)

Absolutely gorgeous, Leah.

And it was extra cool to peep the painting while listening to the Moby tune.

Big thanks for the exquisiteness.

Leah, such a lovely piece. Made me smile from ear to ear :)

What a truly beautiful painting, and the sentiment is perfect! Very true. I love that you incorporated your ray of light inside you, and it linking to the radiant life in spiral and change. Very beautiful. Your work is always inspiring.

Wowzas Mama! This painting is incredible!!!! I think you’ve just tapped into something very powerful, my dear.

this is beautiful! I love it :)

That’s gorgeous, Leah!

I really love this one. Beautiful.

a whole lot of beautiful imagery right there…

(and i knew which moby song you meant before clicking through, very cool!)

so glad to have crossed paths with you online and glad to be in touch, leah. lots of inspiration here.


This is beautiful, Leah. Such a strong and uptight image. Love that spiral, and the stars showering off the figure’s body!

Whoops! I meant ‘upRight image’ :P

This is so lovely. She’s so connected with the cosmos and with the baby. So’s the baby!

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This resonates with spirit, soul, stars and sweet thoughts of a little star sleeping under your heart~ I think this piece may be my all time favorite, Little Miss Mommy Magic~

I love that spiral too! Awesome image, Leah! I have my grandkiddies (ages 8 & 9 1/2 here this week while thier parents seek medical treatment for Daddy in TX. and I feel as though I am in a vast cosmos orbiting around the intense energy field that these little ones produce. It is POWERFUL STUFF! I keep sending some of that energy to thier Daddy for healing so THAT is where all my creative energy is flowing during this time and I am comforted to feel it…

This is beautiful and really funny to be because I just made a girl of stars painting his week too. We must be on the same wavelength. I love how her body contains the universe. The is a beautiful visual metaphor. Here is my star girl illustration if you want to check it out: http://ghostkittendesign.blogspot.com/2011/01/illustration-friday-deja-vu.html

So magical!

Want to place myself near her radiance…she is divine.

She’s beautiful…..a star within the cosmos.. nurturing and creating something that i can only describe as pretty miraculous…every baby is just soo miraculous i never cease to be amazed in this.

What a beautiful image! I can’t stop gazing at it. Thank You. :o )

Gorgeous! Love it.

Kat X

I love it. I think it needs a new home…..send it my way! It is so beautiful. And a little funny in that I have not thought about Carl Sagan in years and the past week he has been popping up everywhere, from school work, to blogs reading.

Simply gorgeous! (happy sigh)

(Mosaic Mama)

i know you’ve already gotten a bunch of comments on this one, but i just had to add to the chorus…love this, Leah. xo

Hi Leah!
I mostly lurk around your inspiring blog.
But this image has nudged me out of the shadow. I love it … so beautiful. Loving the blues and stars.

This is absolutely beautiful, Leah. Breathtaking some how.
Brava, Beautiful Momma to be, Artist lady !

I’m way behind on my blog reading, but I just wanted to say I thought this was lovely.

I love her! Is she for sale or a print of her?

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