Creative Every Day Check-In: February 14 – 20

February 14th, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day every one! This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

Join in the Challenge: Read all the details and sign up for the  2011 Creative Every Day Challenge here!

Ways to share: Once you've signed up, you can leave a comment on this post and/or use the "Mr. Linky" widget below to link to a blog post(s) about your creative activities during the days of 2/14/10 - 2/20/10.

The widget below is an optional method of sharing your creativity that makes it easier for others to check out what you're up to. You can use it to link to a blog post (or posts) or flickr image during the week listed. Or if you have a bunch of posts and don't want to link to all of them, you can link to your main blog page once. Do it in a way that makes sense and is fun for you! If you're unsure about how to use the widget, check out the "How to use the Mr. Linky widget" section on the Creative Every Day Challenge page. (If you're reading this in a RSS reader or email subscription, you will not see the "Mr. Linky widget", so click on over to the blog to use it.) If the Mr. Linky widget is missing from this blog post, it's probably a problem with their server and it will come back as soon as it's fixed. You can always leave your link in the comments.

You can also take advantage of the great CED flickr group to post your images and see what others are up to. If you're on Twitter, you can use the hashtag  #CED2011 to help others find your Creative Every Day tweets!

Theme: The (totally optional) theme for February is Passion. You can read more about the theme and some ideas to get you started here.

Happy Creating!


There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost. ~Martha Graham

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YES – another week of creativity before us!

Cannot wait to see what everyone has been working on.

speaking about passion: making faces is mine :-)
Have a nice week!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I’ve been busy creating, crocheting and even a little baking.
Stay inspired!

Another week of creativity gone, another week to come. What a lovely cycle it is.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy creating today!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Leah!
Just joined the challenge. Loved this idea for a long time and now I’m ready to do it.
Hope your day is filled with love.

Another week of writing 10 min everyday, and I also finished a knitting project. I’ve been thinking and reading a lot this week about how anxiety and depression affect artists and creativity. I wrote about my own experiences with anxiety in and my creative strategies for working through it my blog this week:

็Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today I share a lovely picture book on my blog. Hope it will inspire you :-)

Happy Valentine’s Day. Love to all.

I am still here even though I haven’t been creating art for a little while. I do still enjoy seeing all your creations and hope to be able to get back in the “groove” sometime soon!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I’ve found new inspirations and am changing my focus. Going to try new things! Happy creating!!

Happy Valentines day everyone!

I spent today hosting a Valentines themed writing group. Of course ‘passion’ was also explored. In other news I sold my first painting and have written about it on my blog.

Wishing everyone a happy & creative week.
Kat X

Happy passionate creating, everyone! I’ve been busy creating, but not necessarily finishing things : ) Today, I’m posting a couple of completed projects, first a watercolor that was a class project in simple perspective (paint a box), and then a mixed media journal spread. Maybe you’d like to stop by and see…

Haven’t been doing a lot of real art lately, but have been busy creating and writing about creativity :) Am working on a Valentine post . . .

I went to the beach today to take some self portrait photos, kind of a date with myself. These were my two faves. :)

Mmmmm. May you all have a passionate Valentines Day! I have posted a valentine on my site as well as some pretty and interesting pictures. Stop by if you have a chance. Have a wonderfully creative week!

As I wrote on my blog this morning I am doing NOTHING prairie fashion as described by Daisy Ann Hickman in her book WHERE THE HEART RESIDES. I plan on doing NOTHING with PASSION. Best of the week everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have just signed up, and I am looking forward to see March’s theme. as right now I am tied up with OWOH. I pretty much create something, or part of something everyday. There is something I am making, that I think might fit this month’s theme, so when it is finished (Hopefully the next 24 hours) I’ll post and link up.
Thanks for helping us to do what we need to do everyday.

As I was writing a long comment here, I thought “I could turn that into a post!” It will be up soon.

I have been working on prepping and testing out some of those new Strathmore Visual Art Journals. I am teaching a Creative Journaling class next month so I was doing some sample base pages…you can see the results on my Blog….

Working in watercolour and then scanning and adding and subtracting and adding and subtracting sometimes going too far! It was interesting challenging myself to try to combine 3 challenges in one. See what you think? I would love to know!

I have just signed up (newbie). Today I made a Valentine’s card for my hubby. I look forward to browsing your blogs and seeing your creative talents!

Check out my blog for my update (with pictures)! Lots of love to all you creatives!

So glad to have found this site! Started painting the tree outside my window every day this year.

Something a little different for me this week. My first needle felted doll!

One Love! I’m using Keri Smith’s book How to Be an Explorer of the World to do creative explorations with my kids, in between daily writing. Yay!

I followed my passion to my sketch book and my nature journal of my urban world…

Synkronicity (I know that’s not how you spell it)! I was wondering how to motiate myself and am so glad to have found this site through Laura Hollick’s Soul Art TV.
Thank you Leah!

My passion for my horses here. Sometimes I just can’t stop looking at them. I love to go out to the barn and just hang out with them after I feed them. Terah

I’ve been working on various origami models this month. One was for a yearlong collaboration with a wonderful woman and friend on red Ravine (, one set of origami was for an International Student Festival for my school, and another (which I’m still working on) is for my sister for her birthday. Also, I’ve been writing haiku every day as well as drawing in my journal/planner. It’s amazing to be PASSIONate about what you’re doing whether if it’s art, poetry, or life. Thanks for this wonderful theme! :)

Wow! The fire is turned up in me! Passion roaring! I am in love all over again. Nature, she is always on my mind. The poems are beginning to flow again. And I am really digging blogging again too. I put it away for some time, but now there is no other way…..LOL Peace All.

Past projects surfacing from the deep, seeking completion. I am ready for the next phase of this music project…..
Happy to be flowing, the Love is growing!

I just discovered your Creative Everyday project and blog through Soul Art TV. I love it! In the past couple of years I’ve committed to integrating creativity into my life. It’s great to know there are so many of us! It makes me feel… inspired :) Thank you!

Lov’n it! this challenge is just the thing to keep the creative fires burning passionately!!

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I am passionate about yarn, and thread, and hooks, and everything I create with them. So passionate, I will frog and redo as many times as needed to get it right, even though I am the only one that will probably notice the mistake. Please come and see what I have created. I love getting feedback, with a comment.

It’s great to find a place that celebrates creation! Thank you for sharing! By the way, I have a contest giveaway on my blog you might find fun. Take a look.

I’m keeping some expression of Passion to myself in some areas, and attempting to express about them in others! Here is Saturday, February 19ths post. Nutboogers! Passionate Commitment Bites Me in the A…uhm hiney

I’ve been thinking so much this week about what I am passionate about and I realized that I endlessly fascinated by the connections that we make with other people in an attempt to connect with ourselves. As we understand others we come a little bit closer to understanding the bits and pieces of our own existence.

And there is never an endgame. Which I think is really awesome. :)


Hi Leah– My name is Leah also!

I’ve been watching Soul Art Tv and watched your interview today, and am signed up for the Creative Every Day Challenge.

When I first discovered Soul Art Tv last month, I went thru all of the upcoming guests websites, and was really drawn to your website, paintings, and the work you do. And then I forgot to sign up…

So I’m happy to say I found you again! Yay.

I’ve had different blog formations for over a decade now, but I’ve recently decided to start fresh and created a new blog. I’m at a big cross-roads in my life, and it was time to start fresh, let my creativity speak, and see what happens next.

Looking forward to connecting with you more.

Leah C.

I keep forgetting! I so want to do something related to the theme. Am going to be on the case in March! In the meantime I’ve been doing some paintings on paper – a new substrate for me as I usually work on canvas.

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