Creative Every Day Check-In: February 21 – 27

February 21st, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day every one! This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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You can also take advantage of the great CED flickr group to post your images and see what others are up to. If you're on Twitter, you can use the hashtag  #CED2011 to help others find your Creative Every Day tweets!

Theme: The (totally optional) theme for February is Passion. You can read more about the theme and some ideas to get you started here.

Happy Creating!


With me poetry has not been a purpose, but a passion. Edgar Allan Poe

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Love the Poe quote. I so so so so so so get this!

Thanks for hosting and encouraging creativity everyday.

I really enjoyed your interview on Soul Art TV Leah :) . Thanks for sharing the link.

Wishing everyone a creative week ahead. I hope to get down to the studio and create with some fabric. We’ll see if the hands cooperate with the sewing machine. I’ve been crocheting up a storm (crochet hooks are safer than any sharp objects) as you can see from my blog :) .

Stay inspired!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope it’s a creative one.

Today is Family Day in our province, so we’re planning to have our second annual Family Art Day. Some simple print-making is on the schedule :) I’ll post pix when we’re finished.

Enjoy splashing something on the blank page this week!

experimented with gelatin monoprinting over the weekend- with mixed results, but will do it again- check my blog for the blow-by-blow. happy monday all!

I love this month’s theme of passion though I’ve only just now finally worked with it! I am in love with shimmery, satiny, slippery fabrics and made myself a SUPER simple scarf that I’ve posted on my blog(it only cost $3 to make:). The whole time I was making it I was IN that ♥passion♥ place – so excited to be doing it. It made me realise that I want to sew more clothing for myself :-)

I can’t believe February is almost over! I accidentally linked to a previous post first, and don’t know how to remove it. The second one is today’s post. Happy creating, everyone!

My passion is making jewelry. I recently created a jewelry poll to aid me in designing my pieces. If you wear jewelry, I invite you to take the poll. If you make jewelry, I invite you to examine the results for your own designing. If there are other questions I should be asking I invite you to contact me with your ideas. Thanks and happy creating!

Inspired by this month’s “passion” theme, I wrote a lot about love and gratitude this week. My blog entry explores the important lessons we learn from those closest to us, in particular our partners – across lifetimes.

Challenging myself this week – painting portraits in a much smaller size than I usually do, with mixed results.

I invite everyone here to participate in my blogversity give-away! in honor of the 35,0000th visitor to my blog-I am giving away two of my hand knit hats! so visit my blog and join the drawing…

Last week was all about creating a mixed media photo collage for a bridal shower gift. I haven’t decided yet what this week will bring.

Last week was a bit of an up hill struggle but I did just do a blog post showing my passion for making a mess with paint & glue and experimenting with mixed media. I tried to show some of the stages I went through to create a piece with the title ‘Faded Memories’.

Hope you all have a fab week creating.

Kat X

I love the Poe quote and feel the same way about making both art and music. Often I feel that way about cooking, too, but yesterday’s crawfish experience was something of an exception. Even disappointments pave our path to enlightenment, though. : )

Here is the sketch I did yesterday. She go in last weeks post but I will include her in this weeks.


So happy to post again after two weeks gone.


Tried to combine many challenges, layers, hot and crazy. Good experiment with using layers and my own watercolours. Some weeks its hard to even find a few days to get at painting but the challenges push me!
Any feedback keeps me pushing myself as well.:)

I just signed up last night, so not too much to report yet, but I did write a blog entry about the Creative Every Day Challenge here:

I feel some painting and collaging coming on this week.


Although my current creative spurt doesn’t feature “home” as a theme, while I was carving my own quilting stencils here in my home studio, I felt so lucky to be doing what I love, in my home. Are there people who don’t feel at home, and have to roam for enjoyment? I can’t relate; at least at this moment and this very breath.
Hugs from
Tina in San Diego

I don’t follow the theme here although I wish to :-)
I’m doing a sketchbook on friendship theme. Pretty slow but I’m trying to sketch in regular basis now

Finally got the old sketch book out and did some drawings last night! Felt good to just do that much…

Have just found you and joined the challenge. What a brilliant idea. Not that I need any more excuses to be creative though.

Although I am having a hard time thinking specifically of how I used my creativity this past week, there is at least one thing that sticks out in my mind. I took a road trip to San Diego this weekend to visit with some friends and just get away for a little while. While we were driving I noticed some interesting clouds in the sky. I love to look at clouds. I was inspired by the wispy cloud shapes and the picture I was getting in my imagination from them. So I quickly transferred a new painting idea, inspired by those clouds, into a little sketchbook I keep in my purse :)

Passion is portrayed in everything I touch. Cooking, serving a meal, attention to details, utensils, how will it taste, feel, smell. Taco soup, chicken enchiladas, pico de gallo…..yum..

Seems I posted last night during the Mr Linky upgrade…so here I am again.
More lovely tree photos….passion, yes.

I’m reading in a play! Here’s to creativity.

[...] out kootoyoo for more creative spaces this week and CED participants here. It can be inspiring to see what others are doing…and I always hope it pushes me forward to [...]

My creativity this week has mainly been in writing more of my novel. I’ve been making sure that I work on it every day, even if it’s only half a page.

I’ve also introduced my 8 year old daughter to an old passion of mine (which I haven’t visited for a while), drawing with pastels. I was delighted that she took to it so easily, almost intuitively. I foresee many joint art sessions in the future.

Too much or not enough. Which one are you? Terah xoxo

I have been sewing lately, both by hand an machine, and that has been great fun! There is something about the feel of fabric in your hands – yummy :-)

I’ve signed up myself … number 508, but still does not appear that I am participating ..
the subject can begin?

Hi Juliana, I see you on the participant list and on this week’s check-in, so you’re all set! Sometimes it takes a couple minutes for the newest sign-ups to appear. You just have to wait a minute and then hit refresh to see your name.

I am on a roll :)

Something to bring a laugh: my first submission to the Craft Fail website:

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