Creative Every Day Check-In: February 28 – March 6

February 28th, 2011

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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You can also take advantage of the great CED flickr group to post your images and see what others are up to. If you're on Twitter, you can use the hashtag  #CED2011 to help others find your Creative Every Day tweets!

Theme: The (totally optional) theme for February is Passion. You can read more about the theme and some ideas to get you started here. March's (totally optional) is Nest, which you read more about here.

Happy Creating!


A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. ~Lou Holtz

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Hard to believe that it is the beginning of a new month and spring is coming.

Digging deep in this week’s writing, looking at compassion. In my blog entry I acknowledge my gift of love and compassion to my family during a painful part of our history and learn to give this to myself.

Agree, where did my February go? This week I’m working on a new larger portrait, plus some cityscapes of Munich and Tuscany. Lots of paintings to finish up!

This inspiring challenge has been such a strong cord of continuity for me. Rituals — or doing anything every day is a challenge for this right brain thinker! ;)

I “see” what I want to do, and learning a practice that enables me to remember and to plan around that has taken a lifetime of learning. Of letting go of the guilt of {perceived} failures, as I embraced lessons that directed me to new ways of accomplishing my goals and dancing in the direction of my dreams.

Heartfelt gratitude for encouragement, inspiring example and the tools you so freely offer to those of us who desire to live {creAtive every day} … and practice and to delight in the unique art we bring to life.

If you scroll down a bit on my blog, you’ll see a post about our Family Day Art Project, with which I was quite pleased, though it was last-minute :) Later today, I hope to post about a tote and journal I made from scratch as a gift.

Digging deep in my writing this week. In my blog, I wrote about acknowledging the important role I played during my parents divorce and learning to give myself the gift of compassion.

Finally…some passion to create!~ and don’t it feel good..=)So happy to have something to share for a change. Family life has been hectic what with helping our daughter and son-in-law while he undergoes his cancer treatments. Having the grandkids here more and being “grammie’s taxi driver” has kept me busy and happy to be able to help for sure but I am trying hard to make time to let the muse out of the closet. Thanks to everyone here for letting me be an observer and for letting me feed off of your creative posts these past 8 months. It has really helped!! what a great “community” Leah has gathered here…

Hello my Creative Every Day friends! It’s been a while since I’ve checked in, so Hi again! Woot, woot, new month, closer to Spring.

Yes! Time flies so fast. Two months of this year has already gone! It seems like yesterday that I first knew this blog :-)

I do so appreciate all the wonderful artists in this group. I love wandering through the blogs and seeing the variety of beautiful work that’s done by the very talented people here! nancy

Ah nest is a wonderful prompt. I did these birds a coupole days ago. They were so much fun.

I love your themes. Thanks for hosting.

I have given over to the last day of February with unbridled PASSION. The majority of the day has been spent painting in a series about Shades of Blue. It is a 24 X 36 inch work in progress that will be unveiled on my Friday post. Though almost completed, there is always the required “rest” before calling a painting complete.

Best of the week everyone and I am now back on schedule after the arrival of my grandson a week ago Saturday. (New Born baby faces are posted for Monday and Friday last week if you are interested.)

February didn’t pan out as planned, but I did finish my bunny rabbit and delighted that I did. Not to mention that I blogged on the last day of the month to end it off right! Loving being creative!

I am continuing to create something every single day — and my creative discipline has become so much stronger since since I committed to this challenge in 2010. Although I had already made a personal art challenge starting in 2009 of creating one journal page a day — Leah’s challenge has served the purpose of broadening the scope of what I do — what I create.

And, Yes! Go check out Jennifer Lee’s Right-Brainer’s Video Summit (see Leah’s link above) — Day 1 was fantastic!

Being a part of this challenge has helped me realize how much I do create every day in different ways, but it has also helped me to be more consistent in focused purposeful creating. Thank you Leah for sharing, encouragement, and mentoring of our creative offerings.

Nest … hmmmm . might be time to start working on my “house is a home” project that has been percolating for a while in the back of my mind. :)

I’m looking back at the art I created in February.

March already. Spring is fast approaching & it is my Birthday month so I’m happy. I just spent a gorgeous weekend by the sea as part of my pre-Birthday celebrations & have just blogged about it.

Hope you’re all having a happy creative week!

Kat X

Hello All!

I almost forget to check-in this week. Today’s post is of Things that make me smile :) .

Stay inspired!

Late bloomer. I am never ready with my posts by Monday morning, grrr. Better late than never :-) If we ever have a monthly theme on timeliness, I will have to work on that one!

This week so far has seen my husband and I coming up with t-shirt designs for our new business. I also returned to a skill I haven’t used in a while – I made myself a necklace.

Been out birding quite a bit lately….perfect dovetail into nesting.
The trees are magic today….and everyday! LOL

My passion has always been animals. Especially the interactions between species. Behold a cool capture of such on a wintry San Diego day:

[...] a few peeks into my creative workspace this week. You can see other workspaces at kootoyoo and also Creative Every Day participants this week here. Enjoy and take some action yourself! Ciao [...]

I know I am a little late with my update, but I just posted it on my blog last night! I was excited that my sculpture project actually tied into this month’s theme! Yay! Creativity!

Although I am not exactly right on with the theme this week, I did make an owl tote and a flower tote that I tried to make look a bit like a nest. I love making things!

Got some great shots this weekend. I’ve lots of good opportunity lately to be around the big birds near my house. Always looking for action around those eagle nests!

Finished quite a large painting (not as large as I’d like to go but I’m scaling up gradually!). Put heaps of work into it and pretty pleased with the result.

I’ve been putting a lot of time, love, and passion into my music. Music has always been my passion along with art. I’ll be performing at an open mic on the 24th of this month. I’ll submit a video shortly thereafter. Gulp… Yep, this is a sure way to get my feet back on track to doing what I love to do. I’ve also been making some time lapsed videos of me painting. I’ll post those soon, too. Passion is a word that makes you feel alive just saying it, reading it or writing it. Great theme this month, Leah, little mama… =]

I have some “nested” photos I put in jars.

I can hardly believe we are already beginning the 3rd month of this challenge, YAY!!

I’ve been rather out of creative habits, but I am back.
I’ve missed the connection though posting. Hope to see everyone soon.

Good Morning!

I posted this morning and then realized that I have swung back into writing the Morning Trip!! YAY! Morning Trip(50)–Thinking of Nesting and 59. Yesterday was Phoenix in the Fire, it too, is more within the way that I do the Morning Trip.

Here is my second sketch for the week…

Last year I started a project I like to call “The Envelope Project” so I’ve been drawing on an envelope each day and sending a letter. I like to think I’m keeping the postal system in business!! If anyone would like one of the envelopes/letters, please visit my blog and send me your physical address and voila, you’ll get a nice little note from yours truly! Creating every day is good; sending a note every day has been great! Somedays I even get a letter back.

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