Creative Every Day Check-In: February 7 – 13

February 7th, 2011

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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You can also take advantage of the great CED flickr group to post your images and see what others are up to. If you're on Twitter, you can use the hashtag  #CED2011 to help others find your Creative Every Day tweets!

Theme: The (totally optional) theme for February is Passion. You can read more about the theme and some ideas to get you started here.

Happy Creating!


Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion. -- Martha Graham

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I just updated my blog yesterday. Without really planning it, it fits the theme for the month as I did two pages about two things that are a passion for me: my faith and tea.

I’ve had a head full of wonderous creations this past weekend. Lets hope I can help a few come to life :) .
Stay inspired!

Wonderful theme Leah! I look forward to seeing what it brings from everyone.

It’s the year of the rabbit! I painted a silly looking man wearing black and pink bunny ears, holding a wilting flower in his hand. Stop by! Leave a comment, so I can visit your blog also.

I’m feeling passionate about making a mess with paint & glue this Monday morning :-)

Kat X

This morning, Monday, February 7, I have posted Greening and Gleaning of Spring

Am I passionate about neckties? I’m certainly curious about the possibilities inherent in a giant pile of them. I AM passionate about finding interesting art materials for cheap!

I’m giving away my desktop calendar, the true red one ;-)

Merry creative day!

I think I am feeling a hint of spring energy and finally getting a little more creative (winter has had me mostly in hibernation mode up here in snowy Ontario!).
I’ve gt the beginning of my crocheted rainbow cell phone cover posted as well as a teensy little colourful butterfly doodle.

I am loving playing with all my red fabric. Terah

This week I started reading and working through The Artist’s Way. I love the book because it links two things I’m very passionate about – creativity and spirituality. I also created a sacred space in my home, which I posted about in my blog yesterday:

Check my blog for an update on some of my creative ventures this past week. But currently my creativity is being funneled to trying to creatively plan out and manage my time, since it is feeling quite crunched this week!

I have lurked here for quite a while. What a great place for people to share and be inspired!

Hello everyone! Today started with a bang – literally. My daughter fell on ice in the driveway and has a concussion. While she napped I took out an old piece of art and decided to give it new life! I’d never been happy with it so I am trying once again (3rd time!) to embellish it. I fell like I’m am starting to get on a creative roll. YAY!! Have a great week…

Hi everyone! just posted a new bracelet i finished recently. it’s an offshoot of a established style for me and I think there will be more of these in my future!

I just wrote a post about a mini-book I finished with the new Spellbinder Create-a-Book dies. I linked it with Mr. Linky. This challenge really helps me focus on some of the bigger projects I want to complete!

I’ve been passionately sketching faces, a new trend for me. It’s so much fun and I feel the progress happening!

I have been really passionate about the piece I have been working on. I am starting to enjoy sewing again….

This has been an eventful week – and not in a good way! On the other hand, every day bears the seed of possibility and being CREATIVE EVERY DAY certainly feeds my need!

Here’s passion- my fictional character is getting angry at me because she wants me to sit down and write more of her story. I don’t have time! But she is a passionate firecracker of a young girl and I gotta make time. Cheers to another creative-full week…

I have posted twice this week and I am checking in. I have been busy making cartoon characters and cutting them out. I am going to use them in different applications like cards and bookmarks. I’ll post more on my blog when I get further along.

I enjoyed some creative cooking yesterday and wanted to share it with you all.
Hugs and love from
Tina in San Diego

hey I am new to this challenge but still confused where to start..

Welcome, Pinkalicious! You can find instructions about how to participate here:

If you have other questions, drop me a line!

I have a busy week but glad to have at least a spread of my sketchbook posted :-)

I am late, I am late! But I showed up and I am not empty handed:) Tuesday’s photographs and blog posts are all about February’s theme of passion. I went hunting for waves by sea in the high winds and sunshine and this is what I found

Enjoy! May you be having an outstanding week flowing over the top with creative passion. Terrill

It has been so long since I’ve participated or even blogged about what I’ve been up to creatively. So glad to finally be back into the swing of things! Loving what I’m seeing from everyone so far!

Hey all
Is there anyone else feeling like they are just waking up from hibernation? This year is sooooo different from last year.

Amy and I did a sprint session last Sunday to so I get the creativity flowing again. If anyone else want’s to join, have a look around my latest post.


I’ve been off my creativity for a little bit because of being sick, the blizzard, planning a party, grandpa’s surgery and work. I’m ready to get back into it now since everything has finally calmed down. I need to catch up on what I missed!

I’ve made a new painting for Get Your Paint On (online painting class with Mati Rose and Lisa Congdon), which was inspired by Mae Chevrette. Am really pleased with how it turned out, and hope Mae won’t mind!

Was out and about making many photos this past week.
Posting today.
Finding the Beauty in Nature is quite passionate for me.
Stirs my insides. Love! Jeanie

She Dreams with Her Eyes Wide painting about a childhood memory.

Passion, my husband is passionate about his motorcycles and his dog! I’m working on my passion for painting drawing and creating.

After lots of consideration I just merged my first blog with this one. I still have to do some clean-up. My whole artistic journey will now be on this blog. In the beginning I wrote in English or German or both. Later French was added and after a while I just did the writing in what ever language was coming first. I am not going to rewrite everything. Hope you enjoy your visit.

Why am i always forgetting to add my name to the linky list until the end of the week?? Because I’m busy drawing , LOL!!

A lot of what I post about here is cheery and upbeat. Behold, my darker side. Art can be vexing, too.
Hugs and love, and better luck in your creative endeavors,
Tina in San Diego

I guess you could say my “passion” comes in the form of OCD at times *smiles*

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