Creative Every Day Challenge: March 28 – April 3

March 27th, 2011

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

Join in the Challenge: Read all the details and sign up for the  2011 Creative Every Day Challenge here!

Ways to share: Once you've signed up, you can leave a comment on this post and/or use the "Mr. Linky" widget below to link to a blog post(s) about your creative activities during the days of 3/28/10 - 4/3/10.

The widget below is an optional method of sharing your creativity that makes it easier for others to check out what you're up to. You can use it to link to a blog post (or posts) or flickr image during the week listed. Or if you have a bunch of posts and don't want to link to all of them, you can link to your main blog page once. Do it in a way that makes sense and is fun for you! If you're unsure about how to use the widget, check out the "How to use the Mr. Linky widget" section on the Creative Every Day Challenge page. (If you're reading this in a RSS reader or email subscription, you will not see the "Mr. Linky widget", so click on over to the blog to use it.) If the Mr. Linky widget is missing from this blog post, it's probably a problem with their server and it will come back as soon as it's fixed. You can always leave your link in the comments.

You can also take advantage of the great CED flickr group to post your images and see what others are up to. If you're on Twitter, you can use the hashtag  #CED2011 to help others find your Creative Every Day tweets!

Theme: The (totally optional) theme for March is Nest.You can read more about the theme and some ideas to get you started here. April's theme will be announced tomorrow!

Happy Creating!

No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings. ~William Blake

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Reporting in on my biggest creative challenge yet!

Thanks so much for hosting. This is so much fun.

I’m exploring my personal equation. I’d love to hear if you have one too.

I put myself two times on the list this week, the first time is an mistake, (sorry) it takes you to an old happy new year link, that was a long time ago…..
Don’t know how I can remove this. Happy week!

This week I explored my journey in figuring out my place in the world, and how writing as been the voice through which I do this.

Hi all
Another sunny spring day has begun the week. I did a blog post yesterday on Spring & turning negative experiences into a creative positive. I show my painting and why it was important to me. Creativity is such an amazing life tool.

Wishing everyone a sunny & creative week!

Kat X

I’ve been doing lots of writing . . . still looking forward to finding some time to spend making something beautiful — but I’ve been making a concerted effort to do something creative every day. Just wrote a blog post about seeing opportunities to be creative in everyday life — and I’d love for anyone to add to my list with comments!

For once I think I am within the theme. I drew a zen-egg yesterday. Eggs I think fit into the nest theme quite nicely.

I want to note that this month’s theme of {Nest} was helpful for me to determine my own levels of comfort within my creAtive scheduling.

Just that one keyword was enough of a guide for me to seek what was comfortable and supportive within my work and personal schedule.

#gratitude ♥

I really had a fun creative week. Got a little obsessed gazing at the reflections in the pond near my house.

I realized that I should have acknowledged the months theme in my post. I started painting Birdhouses, the perfect thing for a month of nests.

It has been an interesting week of different challenges. I came up with a recipe for the draw and cook site with one of my favorite fresh garden ingredients (seasonal only) Fig Salad and I played around with a textile design . Lots to learn!!!
This site is such an inspiration. Thanks

so sweet to have the time to collage again. it’s been such a busy time of teaching and just took down my collage exhibit…phew! life is full and good–even better when i have time to consciously co-create it!

Writing and taking pictures, it keeps me present in my everyday life. Terah

I am so loving this. The photos are endless. And I am writing again with a fever that has been a long time brewing. The flow is on.

I work in small ways so April will be exactly my cup of tea. Fiction under 1000 words, short poems, pieces of art done corner by corner. Peace!

I find myself overwhelmed with the daily life blahs at present and my creativity is screaming for an outlet. This month I’m going to try reordering my priorities so that I’m not only on my own list, but I’m no longer on the bottom of it!

I’ve had a productive week and everything’s starting to bloom around here. Happy, happy spring!

The past couple of weeks have been pretty emotional for me, so I’ve been stuck in my head. I think after today, things are going to start looking up! At least I hope so :)

[...] out other creative happenings at kootoyoo’s creative workspaces and CED participants! Ciao [...]

Sorry to link twice this week – it must be an extra creative week! Thanks for the opportunity!

I wrote a little bit about my creative process this week.

Getting some “vintage” items for my studio.

Hi, it’s been a while since I signed in. I got back to blogging after a couple of busy weeks.
I decided to participe in the International Fake Journal Month.
My first two posts are up on my blog.


I have been away from my blog and this group for some time. Miss all the creative atmosphere here :-)

Today I spent my time making items for my shop and drew some sketches for an online creative workshop. I feel very good today :-D

I’m skidding in at the end of this week and shared two creations, both which seem to fit nicely with the theme of small…

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