Featured Creative Every Day Challenge Participants

March 31st, 2011

Every so often, I love to share with you a glimpse into what some of the amazingly talented people participating in the Creative Every Day Challenge have been up to this month. I know it's hard to find time to see everyone's work, so hopefully this will give you a peek at some things you might not have seen otherwise. I wish I had time to share even more. You are all up to such amazing things and it's so inspiring!

First up are these sweet little owls from Karoline of What Karo'Line Did Next. I might have to try making some. I love owls too!

This gorgeous necklace is from Amanda Jolley of Hidden Art. I saw it on Flickr and fell in love!


This lovely collage about Home is from Rachel of art + food + friends. I love the Emily Dickinson quote in it, "Dwell in possibility."

I love the shadow in this beautiful landscape illustration by Nelleke verhoeff of yepr illustrations and inspirations.

I'm totally smitten with these gardening markers created by Ines of Daily Forward Tumble.

This tree sculpture was created by Jamie of Spunkyness. I love how she says it's a container for dreams. I think trees would make great dream containers!

And speaking of trees, check out this grand Eagle's nest captured in photography by Little Drum of The Dreaming Tree!

I'm loving the wonderful variety of work and the new worlds I see through your creative eyes. Thank you for sharing parts of yourself and keep on creating!

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Wonderful collection of work, so fun too look at, thanks for sharing everyone!

Thanks, Leah.
I am honored that you featured my collage! I love looking at everyone’s Creative Everyday posts. You provide a wonderful networking tool. Cheers!

Hi Leah! Very nice to see my landscape illustration here. I’m glad you like it. Thanks!!

[...] am feeling quite honored this morning as I am one of the artist’s featured on today’s Creative Every Day Challenge blog! (Thanks [...]

Gorgeous – thanks for sharing and prompting me to go visit new people.

Kat :-)

Thanks for posting my lil’ owls… I am also quite honored :) And it’s wonderful to see the other participant’s creative work…love!

Thank you for inspiring us all, Leah.

I want them all. What lovely things. You have some very clever friends

Awesome Leah! Outstanding work and thank you so much for taking the time to pull it together for us.

I have been missing my Monday morning checkin here with you and company. I expect to get back on track next week. But I have been painting like crazy as I prepare for another solo show at the end of June. Best of the weekend Leah and everyone!

Thank you for sharing these treasures, and for including me. Your challenge has inspired me so much over the past few years. It feels so good to be a part of this creative community.

Very interesting selection.

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