Nesting Sneak Peek

March 3rd, 2011

I've had the Nest theme on my list of possible themes for awhile now, but this month it just seemed so fitting, both with Spring around the corner and also my fervent desire to nest at the moment.

This winter, I've been learning to sew, so I put some of my new skills into practice by ordering some fabric and making some very simple valances for the nursery windows and a matching crib skirt. I didn't do much sewing on the crib skirt, as I followed the general guidelines of the no-sew version here. I simply sewed the sides and bottom of each piece and then used the nifty velcro technique suggested in the tutorial to attach it. Fun, simple, and easy!

I've also painted the wood frame of a beautiful mirror to match the room and I'm about to start painting some trees on the walls. I don't think I've ever had so much fun (or gotten so giddy about) putting together a space! I hope you enjoy the little sneak peek! I plan to have as much done as possible this month (some things like the rocking chair might not get here til April), so I'll continue to share little sneak peeks and a bigger reveal when it's all complete.

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so light and fresh! enjoy nesting…i kind of miss that feeling :)

I love it, Leah! It speaks of comfort and love. Can’t wait to see the rest.


Oh, so lovely! Lucky, lucky baby!

Perfect! I love that blue, it is such a cheery color. I remember how much fun I had when I was decorating the nursery for each of my kids. Right now we are in the mist of “big kid” remodels. Both of the kids (6 and 9) just got newly painted walls, new beds, rugs, and bedding. It is fun because now my little babies are grown enough participate in the process.

Enjoy making your memories my friend!


Very pretty. :)

Love, love, love the orange! Can’t wait to see the rest.

So pretty!!!

I think daughter at 35 is still a Winnie the Pooh fan because I painted her room walls with Winnie the Pooh when she was little; Holly Hobby when she was older and her dancing on the bed later yet. Son got alphabet and dinosaurs. Thanks – I haven’t thought about that for a long time!

Thanks, gals!

Staz, the curtains are actually yellow, but it’s a dark yellow, so they seem to come across as orange in the pics. Either way, they do pop! :-)

I love the walls. We used that color in my son’s room only one wall was painted baby blue, pale yellow and pink even though I guessed he was a boy. I just had to be different with my own artistic style. All the ladies at church had to see it as they couldn’t envision it. My aunt made a valance out of a pillow case that matched his bassinette. She also made a yellow, blue and mint green panel to go underneath it. Even though he will turn 13 in May, those colors are still on his walls. LOL I also painted a bear light fixture cover and signed it “MOM”. Enjoy the beauty you created with your own ideas. There will no other nursery like it.

Wow, this room looks so sweet! I’m sure your little angel will have golden slumbers in this nest you made with so much love!

My 6′1″ baby is now 34 but I still remember the joy of decorating the nursery for him and for his sister, my first baby who is 7 years older!! Your joy just comes shining through, Leah. Thanks for sharing these special times with us.

What great colours! That yellow is making me want to put on shorts, sandals, and run about outside….or at least to put them on and crank in heat in the house so I can wear them. Have fun putting the room together, I think it’s great you’re this giddy about it.

When is baby due? Boy or girl? Good luck and have fun nesting.

What a sweet, bright, and calming room. I hope you and baby has many happy days in there.

The nursery is just adorable! Great job!

What a beautiful room! It is the most exciting thing getting ready for a new life and imagining them sleeping in the room you’re preparing.

I like the colour scheme, the fabric print and the mobile. I look forward to seeing the trees you paint. What a lucky baby girl she is.

Kat X

I love how your baby’s room is turning out… Cannot wait for the updates.

love the colors! so excited for you! xo

Very sweet :)

It’s all looking beautiful Leah. I hope everything is progressing well. x

so so purty ;) love seeing your nesting! xoxo

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