Creative Every Day Check-In: April 18 – 24

April 18th, 2011

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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You can also take advantage of the great CED flickr group to post your images and see what others are up to. If you're on Twitter, you can use the hashtag  #CED2011 to help others find your Creative Every Day tweets!

Theme: The (totally optional) theme for April is Small.You can read more about the theme and some ideas to get you started here.

Happy Creating!

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. ~Robert Brault

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Looks like last week’s list is up for today again…

Today is my birthday! Which is always a special time for reflection and renewal. I talked about healing as an important theme for me this year.

Most of my creativity has been “behind the scenes” of late — but I’ve done a bit of writing, including a post about recycling/repurposing and a poem :)

This week I wrote a poem, of sorts. My first since high school, probably!

(And pssst Leah I think Mr. Linky has the same problem as last week.)

Happy Monday! I posted some pictures of prototypes for my new 3D idea. Stop by and check them out. I am also in a Art From Detritus Exhibit in Brooklyn, NY. This exhibit showcases art made from recycled materials – called upcycling. The art is fascinating. It’s Marathon Monday here in Massachusetts and school vacation week. I’ll have to carve out some “small” chunks of time for my art!

I’m really enjoying the Small theme, getting up close to things and seeing how they change.

First, happy birthday Kristen! I hope you have the most amazing day and it is all that you wished.

I took a photo of the most tiny blue for-get-me-nots yesterday and thought of the Creative Everyday theme. I haven’t posted it yet but likely will have it up later in the week.

I am mostly focused on finishing up a big House Task Force project that I chair and getting ready for another solo art show at the end of June. And the peas and greens need to be planted:) Best of the week everyone!

Hey guys, sorry. I’m not sure why the Mr. Linky was off again today. It’s all fixed now!

Happy Birthday Kristen! Have a fab day!

Can’t wait to go see what everyone is going to post through the week.

Happy Birthday Kristen!!! I hope you have a fantastic day fill with love.

I just want to say how much I’m enjoying being a part of Creative Everyday this month. It is the first time I’ve stuck with it and it’s very inspiring to be with all you fabulous ladies.

This week I’m preparing my interactive, installation art project, ‘the YES project’ for the Venice Art Crawl so that’s what I will be working on…

I can’t wait to check out everyones work so happy creating. XO

I’ve been creative busy bee this last week! I am quite proud of myself for all that I’ve created and the opportunities I’ve found the courage to enter into! I hope everyone else is as full of motivation, inspiration, and courage as I am lately! It is a nice change of pace after the really rough year I had last year :)

It is always so affirming and inspiring to read the discoveries of fellow CEDers! ;) Birthday wishes to Kristen {!} and Happy New Week wishes to *all* of us! ♥

The theme of small has fostered the mindset of “do what you can” … Thus allowing me to begin {even when I believe I cannot finish}.

Yesterday I had this thought of the how the words detailing our days are always with us, even though we do not “see” them {created this digital collage:} … Blogged how challenging it is to BE instead DOing all the time! :(

Then today I had the idea of “Life-Scripts” and that all the world’s a stage ala Shakespeare {altered/added to yesterday’s digital image:} …

Lovin’ all these {small} bits! ♥

Happy birthday, Kristen!

Oops, I posted on the wrong day, don’t know how I got lost.
Anyway I wanted to share the slideshow of my recent creative project.

I am blogging just about everyday ~ so I am being creative with writing, painting and photography as I have a pic everyday on my blog so it is either a photograph or a photograph of one of my creations ~ I also spent a good part of the day cleaning up my studio ~ had not wanted to work in there & knew why ~ So I ’smudged’ it and set up areas ~ one especially for focusing a watercolor technique that I want to practice and get proficient at ~ have a question ~ I entered my first ‘juried’ show & it would have good to get in ~ but only 4 were chosen out of 15 & none were paintings ~ I think my need was more ’social’ than judging my painting ~ Yet, historically, I much more of a loner ~ why do you think I did that? Am I repeating myself by wanting to ‘belong’ ~ I belong more online than I do in daily life ~ daily I am creating ~ Yuk! Does anyone know what I am trying to say? ~ hugs and namaste, Carol McK ~ artmusedog ^_^

Another challenge gives me the prompt of eggs – now that is a small and perfect piece of engineering – both physical and biological. On both fronts the egg is a miniature masterpiece, unparallelled in its perfection. I blog almost daily and I’m trying to be sure to at LEAST blog during the Monday-Friday period; it helps me focus on what I’ve accomplished on an artistic level, while I get through the work week at the day job….*sigh*

Wow what a week makes!!! Just got back from Artfest in Port Townsend WA. Hosted by Teesha and Tracey Moore. What a blast. This has got my creative juices flowing!!!!

I have been writing and taking snapshots of ranch life. Spent several days cleaning & decluttering. Makes room for creativity. Terah

Happy Birthday **Kristen**! (for yesterday – hope you had a good one.)

I’ve just been reading everyone’s comments and it is so exciting to hear about the variety of creative work that goes on daily. **Carol** – I think I understand what you mean. I love people but ‘need’ to have alone time. The net communities like this wonderful one offer a space without having to get dressed, worry about what you look like and with no expectations for a time or place or judgement- just support and a common interest. I’m not sure whether I’ve made sense but I think I get what you meant.

Well my week has been super busy with school hols and various commitments. But I did get out my no.2 TIC TOCC and used it to create with a Celtic setting, magical art and romance fiction. I really enjoyed it.

Have a happy creative week everyone!
Kat X

I actually did something small!

I just linked to a baby hat I made for my friend!

I’ve been playing with new tools and ideas this week.

I started a Plain Jane series of 100, and it was been so fun. I have been painting so much looser than when I paint portraits. It was a much needed change.

Just posted an art journal page :) I’m also taking Shimelles’s Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers and created a new header for my blog.

Finding joy in the small things, moments alone and being introspective. On a new self portrait journey. Opening up to REALLY being seen. Getting up the courage to post my self portraits next week. But for now, more sculptures and flowers.

I think a moment to enjoy our pets qualifies for this month’s theme on small: Small Joys. When I start to play with my animals, I feel, at first, and this is embarassing to admit, a sense of guilt. Shouldn’t I be doing something more productive, etc. etc. But then I remember, this is why I have and love my animals (two 3 yr. old (teenaged kitties, in cat years) extremely hopped up! … I want to give them just as much love, entertainment and joy as they give me, and they do it unconsciously. Or do they ??? :) Thus has been born my philosophy on pets: give, give and more give. That’s why they’re here.
Love and hugs from Tina in San Diego

Been quite busy this week, finishing up a couple of paintings, including this one which my Mum fell in love with and bought!

Happy Easter! Nice to have a four day weekend. Posted two paintings of my children that tied in to various art challenges. It will be our first Easter not all together. The empty nest is not far off :o

Just a few hours in the garden, enjoying the small joys of sketching and really seeing, a happy by-product of sketching.

Hugs and love,
Tina in San Diego

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