Gratitude for the Small Things

April 30th, 2011

To finish up the month of Small (can you believe it's the end of April?), I thought it'd be nice to take some time to reflect on all the small things we're grateful for. It can be so easy to get caught up in the things that stress us out, bring us down, frustrate, or sadden us. But there's always much to be grateful for, even if those things are very small.

Perhaps this weekend you can make a short list of the things you are grateful for. Start with five things. If you feel like continuing, stretch that list to 15, 25, 50, or even 100 (I've done this, you can too!)

I took a long walk yesterday, moving slowly, but oh so grateful for the movement, the gorgeous day, and the colorful scenery. One of my favorite things is flowering trees that bloom in Spring and my neighborhood is currently filled with them, all so beautiful that it makes me giddy. So right there, are several small things I'm grateful for: mobility, a long walk, gorgeous weather, beautiful flowering trees, and taking pictures with my iphone. Some other things I'm feeling grateful for today are my sweet husband, soft kitty paws, the white noise of the air purifier, ice water, and Alba pineapple quench lip balm.

So tell me, what are 5 small things you're grateful for today?

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Today I am grateful for this warm lemon tea I am drinking
I am grateful that I woke up full of energy this morning
I am grateful for the sound of the coffeepot
I am grateful for the beautiful bluebells outside my door
and my dog Beanie lying on the sofa
and I am grateful for the day ahead of me

I had many losses all together about 10 years ago (the financial ones i still haven’t recovered from) I realized how much I took for granted – I lived based on want not need. life is simple now & very rich even though I can’t even meet all of my true needs. It causes me to live in a daily state of gratitude.
I am grateful for a roof over my head, for food – while not always as healthy as I would like – I still have it, I am grateful for my dog who is my companion, grateful I have a car that runs, grateful for my friends.

I’m grateful for a friend who prods me along and encourages me to enter my art in this show and that. I’m grateful for each day spent with those I love….

1. My cozy, hooded sweatshirt
2. A brisk walk with my dog and hubby this morning
3. A brand new day
4. An unlocked bedroom window my husband fit through when we returned home and realized neither of us brought keys!
5. Desire to create, to share and to grow.

Starbucks french roast, writing my morning pages, my dogs lying here next to me, CED, freedom to do what I want today, even the Kansas wind. Xoxo. Terah

wonderful idea Leah :-)
Today I’m grateful for:
starting my day with carrot juice
the sun shining after many grey, rainy days in a row
the dining room looking great (I spent hours tidying and rearranging it yesterday :)
feeling well-rested
alone time
the juicy orange waiting for me to eat it

I am grateful for my home.
I am extremely grateful for a husband who loves all my flaws!
I am grateful for the patience of my big dog, and the abundant energy of my little dog.
I am grateful for God and the Divine beings that watch over me and guide me daily.
I am grateful for my “gifts” and my artistic abilities.
I am grateful…EVER so grateful for coffee. :)

I love the flowering trees, too. :)

I am thankful for:
…a husband than holds a cold cloth to my face while I’m being sick as he did this morning
…a teenage daughter that loves to talk and share with her mama
…many avenues of creativity so that I am not done in when one doesn’t work out due to mechanical failure as with my DSLR camera recently
…safe transportation
…new opportunities.

Ooops! Please excuse the typo up there. It should have said “a husband that” not “than”. OY!

SO much to be grateful for! Here’s one…
It’s raining and blustery here today, but I bought a beautiful bouquet of bright yellow ranunculus flowers (one of my faves). It’s like having a vase full of sunshine in our house!

my husband
my daughters
precious granddaughters
the home my husband and I share
the luxury of being able to stay home and keep my granddaughters while my daughtere works

I”m grateful for all that spring is bringing, grandchildren giggles, health, this beautiful moment. and the infinite creative possibilities.

I am grateful for:
hot and syrupy pancakes for breakfast.
the sun radiating through my window to wake me up to another day.
this little bug flying around me when I’m normally annoyed (Guess he knew I wanted company).
being able to prepare a deliciious meal for my fiance.
a washer and dryer in my apartment.

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