Sneaking in Small Bits of Art

April 13th, 2011

Sitting out on the front porch this weekend, I wanted to play with some ideas, but also wanted to grab what was close at hand (going up and down stairs is not my favorite thing at the moment! hehe.) I had a sparkly pen and a pad of post-its, normally used for grocery lists, within easy reach. Perfect!

While enjoying the sun, birds, and warm Spring air, I quickly went through a series of post-its drawing out some ideas that were in my head. Post-its are so non-intimidating and they fill quickly. I feel no attachment to them and therefore no worry about wasting them or making something good on them. They are a pure play space to draw on fun florescent paper that I can then spread out in little grids to look at later. Perfect for the small theme.

Every tried doodling on small bits of paper? Does it help free you up? Give it a try!

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Good idea. I use bits of recycled menu from my part time job. That works, too.

maybe that’s why ideas on scribbled on napkins usually turn into much bigger things. the intimidation of a formal piece of work isn’t there!

i like margaret atwood, who once said (paraphrasing) a blank page inspires her with terror. she has, of course, written loads of successful books. but good to know we’re not alone in that feeling.

Ooo, looks like some cute designs! I am a very doodling kind of person…love doodle out my ideas…although sometimes it never goes past being a doodle. Sometimes it’s just more fun to imagine stuff and sketch…then finish it all the way through…

Good idea! I love to doodle and I’m all for taking the pressure and expectations away – I find this approach very helpful in helping creativity flow.

I am of course loving the elephants, as they are my favourite animal. I am trying to create elephants using different mediums – my plan is to try on wood and fabric with beads next. Just got to summon time and energy. I have so many projects on the go – I must learn to focus; although not so easy during school hols. Lol.

Kat X

I actually just did that this morning while sitting in a diner eating my breakfast. I found an old (Hannah Montana themed!) notepad of my daughters stashed in my car and took it with me into the restaurant to doodle while I ate. It’s actually a common occurence and there have been receipts, the backs of used envelopes and old business cards adorned with tiny drawings throughout my tour of yummy breakfast spots over the years :) I am all for the tiny drawing!

What a great idea and very creative use of post its. I have some sitting right here and front of me on my desk. Maybe I’ll give them a try. I like the idea that they free you from fear of screwing them up. They’re just post its. So playful.

A very good way to be creative and have fun, thus keeping in line with the small theme for creative every day month.
Interestingly enough I have also been creating in small portions, painting on a 4×4 acrylic canvas.
I painted another one today, it’s such fun and seems to be very effortless and natural for me.
Enjoy and Happy Spring.
Love ~

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