On Dreaming Big, Guest Post by Carmen Torbus

May 24th, 2011

For quite some time now, I’ve referred to myself as a Bliss Follower, Big Dreamer, Mess Maker and lover of the words, “I’m so inspired right now!” So naturally, a blog like Creative Every Day and an artist like Leah would certainly draw me in. 

When my big dream of writing a book began to take shape, I knew I had to ask Leah to be a part of it.  I was absolutely elated when she said she would contribute!

Putting a little check-mark next to “write a book” on my Mondo Beyondo Big Dream List is a pretty surreal feeling.  I love Leah’s theme of “Big” this month and when she asked me to do a guest post, I knew I wanted to write about dreams.  It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to share my Big Dreams, so I took a bit of a stroll through old blog posts and pulled out my journals to see where I’ve come on my list. 

It as almost a year ago that I shared my Big 3 and so much has changed since then, but what’s really cool is that although my circumstances have changed, the heart of my goals has not... talk about reassuring! 

My Big 3 last summer:

1. Develop and launch an empowering & inspiring, self-discovery, powerhouse course/seminar/extravaganza for creative dreamers.
2. Create a coaching/consulting/conspiring program for creative women and begin taking clients that are ready to get fired up & take action to rock their creative lives.
3. Start speaking to audiences of creative women.  The cheerleader in me gets all giddy at the thought of getting a crowd of creative women fired up!

Oh my gosh,  I still get all kinds of excited just thinking about these dreams.  Now that I'm working full time outside the home, instead of reaching for these goals individually, I want to combine the three and make them into one mega-big dream... an extra-messy, super-inspiring, blissed-out, art making, personal discovery workshop.  That one is a whopper.... scares the pants of me just thinking about it. 

My Big 3 now:

1.The workshop above.
2. Again.
3. And again. (to infinity!)

What are your big dreams?  What are you passionate about?  What gets you out of bed in the morning and tucks you in at night?  What makes your heart sing?  Dream Big - over and over and over again!

xo & belief in all things you,

Mixed Media Artist and Author of The Artist Unique, Inspiration and Techniques to Discover Your Creative Signature

p.s. from Leah: Congratulations, Carmen on the launch of your book, The Artist Unique! I'm thrilled to be a part of it!!

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Congrats to Carmen for having the courage to follow your big dreams. What an accomplishment! Good for you…

I’m dreaming big about an ebook to follow on to my Wylde Women’s Wisdom daily quotes – I have about 380 of them and decided that folks could rework through them and/or I could make a little book for Kindle or the other readers out there. Preferably something with color (Kindle doesn’t have) and share art along with the quotes. Am in the midst of working on writing; then there’s the tech side – and that’s what scares the pants of me (and of course fending off the: why are you doing this voices which have stopped me cold in the past. But this is not the past. This is NOW). Yay for dreaming big! Congrats on your book!

What a fantastic and inspiring post!!

SO many congrats and wow, what an inspiration!!

I’m also all about dreaming BIG!
Here’s my three (okay, four!)…

I want to GROW by learning and experiencing new things – by taking healthy risks.

I want to INSPIRE and motivate others with love and passion for all things good.

I want to build a large FAMILY, a network of blood relatives and adopted friends.

I want to CREATE safe places, works of art, harmony and tangible projects to be experienced by others.

Congratulations Carmen on your book. This is a great feeling-following dreams and make them true, isn’t it?

My Big 3 are

1. Be creative as a way of life rather than just for a living.
2. Be the artist first and graphic designer second not the other way round
3. have my own creative studio rather than design agency…

First steps done already – acknowledge myself as an artist with rights and get rid of the sens of obligation.

Congratulations Carmen for not just dreaming big but for making things happen that you dream! How exciting to see one of your big dreams come to life in your book! Great choice on including our dear Leah in this book amongst all the other wonderful artists! Can’t wait to get my copy!!


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