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May 19th, 2011

I hope you've been enjoying the guest posts this month! I've got some fabulous ones to come this month and next and I'm so grateful to the creative souls who've been sharing their stories here, while I'm deep in new mama land.

Annabelle is keeping me on my toes! I feel like the last two weeks have been simultaneously the longest and shortest weeks of my life. It's amazing to be filled with so much love and so much exhaustion at one time, but oh, her cute little face and sweet snuggles make it all worth it. I know she won't be this tiny forever!

Before I return to the world of babyhood and the endless eat, sleep, poop cycle, here are a couple posts I saw recently that relate beautifully to this month's theme of BIG:

First, this post and video from Laura Hollick about being seen. I love her tips!

Second, a beautiful, post in images from Vivienne McMaster on Roots of She.


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What a sweet picture. She has a beautiful face.

Thnaks for sharing your angel…she is so darn cute & petite!! You are one lucky Mommy.

What a gift! I can return the joy by telling you that nearly 30 years later, I can not only remember, but feel that magic time with my first newborn.

So happy for you and this very special time. What a beautiful photo–a sleeping baby. :-) Take good care of yourself, too.

Hi Leah, Your photo of Annabelle tells so much. She is lovely and precious. I hope you are well and rested.

AAAAHHHH! What a sweet little soul! ♥

oh my goodness what a sweetie!

Congratulations Leah, welcome to motherhood.

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