You are Invited to Liberate Your Art: Guest Post by Kat Sloma

May 11th, 2011

What happens when you create your art? Does it make you happy? Do you find that you have an amazing boost of energy, of insight into life and self? Do you find that you feel centered and grounded, as if some piece of you has been completed for brief moment? I've discovered the act of creating, of making art of any kind, can have an amazing and transforming effect on me personally. I know I'm not alone.

Now, what happens when you share that art with world? You share a little bit of yourself, and add a little bit of beauty or joy or brightness into someone else's day. When you share your art, that wonderful energy you gained in the act of creation is not gone, it is magnified. You will see it reflected back to you in different, positive ways.

That's what the Liberate Your Art postcard swap is all about - sharing your art, liberating it out in the world, where it can do its greatest good. I'm so excited to be able to share this swap with the Creative Every Day community (thanks Leah!), and invite you to join in.

An overview of the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap follows. If you would like to participate, follow the link to the Liberate Your Art page on my blog to sign up for the email list. After you confirm your sign up, all details will be sent to you via email. You can unsubscribe at any time if you choose not to participate in the swap.

WHO: Artists in any medium. Photography, painting, poetry, typography, jewelry, sculpture, knitting, cooking, illustration - you name it. If you can have an image of your art printed on a postcard, you are in! If you want to share a blog or website address, I'll have a list of participants posted on the Liberate Your Art page so you can find each other.

WHAT: You will send 5 printed postcards of your original art to me, along with your address and return postage. I will then swap them around and you'll receive 5 postcards from different artists mailed back to you over a period of a few weeks. (The email you receive once you sign up will have all of the details on what to do.)

WHERE: You don't have to go anywhere, and participants from all over the world are welcome! You will send your postcards to me in the US (I'll be moved back from Italy by then) and I'll mail them back out from there. Details for international participants will be included in the email.

WHEN: The postcards will need to arrive at my US address between July 5 and July 15.

WHY: To liberate your art into the world, where it can do the most good!

I've set a personal, crazy-BIG goal for this swap - I would love to have 200 participants from all over the world. Can you imagine, 1000 postcards of wonderful art, winging their way around the world? I can! But I need your help. Please share the word about this swap on your blog, facebook page, tweet it and get your friends to sign up too. If we reach this goal, I am going to do something crazy too - send a personal post card to each and every person who participates. I get excited (and a little scared) just thinking about it!

The sign up form for the email list can be found on the Liberate Your Art page on my blog. Once you sign up, you will need to confirm your subscription to the list and you will receive the email with more details. You can also grab a button there, to show your participation and help me get the word out about the swap!

I hope you'll join me, and the many others who have already signed up, in liberating your art in the world. We're going to have a fantastic time!


Bio: Kat Sloma is an artist, a photographer with a passion for inspiring others to find their unique vision of the world. She currently lives in Italy and travels Europe with an eye to finding the beauty of the everyday, while also working in the corporate world. You can see more of her photographs and read about her creative journey on her blog, The Kat Eye View of the World.

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