Creative Every Day Check-In: June 6 – 12

June 6th, 2011

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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Theme: The (totally optional) theme for June is Metamorphosis, which you can read more about and get ideas for here.

Happy Creating!


If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies. ~Author Unknown

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This week’s post is about learning to get back in touch with my anger from one of the most ferocious creatures in the wild – the bear.

I didn’t realize the theme was metamorphosis until just now. I feel like that is what is happening with my art right now. PERFECT!

As I get ready to move home from Italy this month, your theme strikes a chord with me too.

another art filled week!Thanks for the great adventure,

Looking for some new inspiration this Monday morning.

So happy to be joining in this challenge albeit rather belatedly. I too seem to be in a state of metamorphosis in my life but in a good way. Thanks for hosting this and looking forward to meeting other creative people and seeing what they are up to.

Trying to describe a feeling. In images and in words. Quite a challenge!!
Wishing everyone a happy and creative week!!!

ever since I retired, my life has been a Metamorphosis! I never quite know what challenges or opportunities may come my way each week but one thing I do know is that so far I have been faacing each new one head on. If anyone had told me that i’d have 4 art shows under my belt by now, I would not have believed them! We artists are capable of “morphing” easier than most! =)

This last two days has seen me post two photograph and poem pairs which is unusual but not unheard of – much fun. Most likely a release from my steady focus on painting since January.

Best of a creative week everyone!

looking forward to the theme this month! I will be vacationing and hope to have lots of time to draw, I also have a new set of traveling watercolors to try out – fun! wishing everyone a creative month.

Metamorphisis of the front porch. xoxo Terah

My painting for today is called “not knowing” but I feel like it is part of metamorphosis, that period before change when you don’t know what things are going to happen, how things are going to turn out. Having faith that they will indeed turn out, even though it seems impossible. Have you ever seen a caterpillar become a butterfly? It’s ridiculously impossible. They actually un-form themselves inside that cocoon, and reform themselves into an entirely different being. It’s crazy.

Metamorphosis is something that has shown in my work since earliest memory…I’ll have to consider it more consciously this month. Hmmmm…..

Interesting challenges this week, competing with gardening….

My metamorphosis was changing plastic bags into a sun hat and beach bag.

The post I’ve just written about transformation and re-creation seems to fit in nicely with this month’s theme!

Hope everyone is having a happy & creative week!

Kat :-)

I feel my life too is in a state of metamorphosis right now; my health, my job, my creativity. After reading the June theme, other’s comments and the butterfly quote I feel very good about “morphing”!

I love this topic, especially now I am emerging from the cocoon after all the hard work

I am reading a new book which is perfect for my next step, and so a poem has flowed from me.

I wish us all the power of effortless change


I had the most hilarious fun discovering a new outlet for my creativity: making a VIDEOpost. I enjoyed so much creating this video I had to take regular giggle and jump around the house breaks :-)

It’s a video for business goddesses on how to use oracle cards to metamorphose business stuckness into centered intuition and natural insights! And the first videopost ever on Baubo Dance Blog! Yay! PARTY! I’m celebrating this event with a GIVEAWAY, check out the conditions on my blog!


ALL my paintings are in a state of metamorphosis, but somehow I only just realised this! Then I did a little post about it. :)

Talk about synchronicity. I just wrote about this today, not realizing it was your theme.

I have been doing CED for a couple of years now and it occurred to me my art and growth this past couple of years has been a metamorphosis into getting my creativity back and learning to use new mediums. I don’t know if that would of happened if I had not found Leah’s blog. Thanks Leah, it has changed my life! I try to be Creative Everyday!

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