Metamorphosis: Guest Post by Aimee of Artsyville

June 22nd, 2011

Metamorphosis. When I saw Leah’s topic for June, which she chose in advance of her little one’s arrival, I thought, “wise woman.” She knew the profound change that she was about to undergo.

But when I was about to have my first child, I didn’t truly understand that. I was so focused on meeting my daughter, wondering what she’d be like, what kind of person she’d be, that I didn’t realize I was about to make another acquaintance: me. I was a compartmentalizer back then; I thought of my little girl’s birth as a beautiful addition to our lives, and assumed that we’d all settle into our lives as a family together, trucking along as we always did, being who we always were.

She arrived; she was beautiful; I was in love; I was in awe.

But the plan ended there. I found out immediately that neat little boxes and parenting did not coexist. My dividers came down; my entire way of being was disassembled and the parts tossed in the air. I found myself on the wildest journey of my life, piecing together a new identity while learning how to become a mother. Daily (and nightly) I sorted through emotional torrents of love, responsibility, fear, joy, anger, wonder, priority, self esteem, pride, duty, selfishness and selflessness -- with no line of demarcation from one feeling to the next. No guidebook to help me navigate. I was making decisions I had never made before, tapping into strengths I didn’t know I had, confronting insecurities I had no choice but to overcome. I also became an early bird -- previously unthinkable.

As we went through our days together and my daughter grew into her new self, I grew into mine. Some pieces fell into place gently, some forcefully, some predictably, others surprisingly. When my second daughter came along, my transformation did not come as much of a surprise as it did the first time, but it was equally revolutionary. Because they are different people, each have brought out pieces of me that I didn’t know existed.

And this is why I say that my children gave birth to me.


Aimee is an artist, doodler, mom, and creator of Artsyville. She's a joy to know! You can find her at her blog, Artsyville, on Facebook, her etsy shop, and on Twitter as @artsyville.

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Just lovely. Any Mother can relate to your experience =)

So true. We grow..just as they do. A wonderful way to think of it – our children having given birth to us!

I am in awe of your opportunity to let go and evolve with your new responsibilities and yet love it. I wish that other children in this country and the world had the same opportunity to be born into a woman’s life who can see the beauty in the experience of motherhood. Best wishes.

i love this magical piece!
looooooove to aimee! xox


In love. In awe. So true.

Oh wow, Aimee… so beautifully said and SO true. Thanks for writing this post! -Shelly

Beautiful post, Aimee!

Aimee, Your words are eloquent, and the depth of meaning behind them vast. Thank you for this.

how wonderful! as always you amaze and inspire me Aimee

What I love about Aimee is how incredibly honest and genuine she is in everything that she does. In my mind, her art and her self are one -> and they are both magnificent! Thanks for sharing this Aimee!

in tears over here. sheesh.
and please tell me this print is in your etsy shop. every new mama needs it.

“My children gave birth to me.” What an eloquent way to express an amazing truth of motherhood!

Beautifully written, dearest Aimee. So much truth and recognition. No one ever tells you what a whamo force a new child will be, do they?

Love your doodle!

beautifully put!

that’s it exactly!

Oh yes…i’m in tears, too!! and I agree with Liv, please tell me this print is available for purchase!! it’s the words i’ve been trying to say…just didn’t know how to say them. this is exactly what happened to me (and i know to all mothers!). beautiful…beautiful post! :)

All I can say is ‘amazing’……

You sum it up so well. My journey with my daughter was very rewarding too.

Beautifully written. The growth factor continues. Beginning with your first child and onward with your grandchildren. It still amazes me. Awe inspiring.

Beautifully put Aimee!! :-) It is so true – our children change us and the world around us by their unique beauty.
Gorgeous post!
Kat X

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