Metamorphosis Guest Post by Makie

June 28th, 2011

The caterpillar becomes a butterfly - beautiful yet imperfect.

I am experiencing a metamorphosis in my life as I accept, explore and even welcome my imperfections.  By doing so I am becoming more beautiful, more brave and more creative!

A friend who I hadn't seen in ages remarked, "You are becoming more and more beautiful.  What's your secret [girlfriend]?!"  I simply replied, "I'm accepting all my imperfections and celebrating my uniqueness!"  In other words, I'm being more loving, forgiving and kind with myself.

I've always been a pretty low maintenance gal and I've become even more so over the years.  So my friend certainly wasn't commenting on a sexy new hairdo or beautifully tanned skinned.  Although I wouldn't mind donning either of those.  She just happened to notice something different about me.  (Either that or she's really good at dishing out flattery!)

When I think about people who are charismatic (a word that is synonymous with gorgeous in my mind), I think about those who affect me with their spirit.  They are always smiling and boisterous or they are serene and confident.  Either way, they've got the goods and I want to be like them!

Accepting my physical qualities & all my personal short comings, and making a conscious decision to let my inner self affect my outer self was the most ground-breaking 'beauty boost' of my life.  Whenever I start feeling self-conscious or insecure I know it's time to do some inner work to cultivate those true qualities that make me a beautiful and confident person.  Often times this means sitting quietly with my sketch book which is quite the opposite from jetting to the gym or the hair salon don't you think?!

Of course, I love running, stretching, playing and getting my hair 'did', but what works best for me is to first lead with my spirit, know who I am and give all I have even though I am imperfect.  Charisma, baby, is far more enticing than fancy duds and shiny lipstick!

Gosh, when I think of bravery, I think of valiant and courageous people fighting for a cause.  Those who are willing to charge ahead even though they might be afraid.

I while back I discovered I will never have all the answers.  (Imagine that!) In fact, I realized I will always be growing throughout my life.  There never will be a point at which I have arrived only to become stagnant yet all-knowing.  (Sounds like an oxymoron.)  It doesn't work like that!  Wisdom comes through growth and by acknowledging you don't have all the answers.

What do you think about the word, audacity?  Defined, it's a "willingness to take bold risks."  That sounds pretty courageous and pretty brave to me.

By realizing I will never have all the answers, I've allowed myself to be humble enough to ask questions and brave enough to share – share what I create, share my ideas, my beliefs and my thoughts - it's amazing!  It's also audacious. ;)

I often say it's not always the most talented artists who get their creative work recognized – it's sometimes those with the audacity to put it on a wall, on a stage, shine a light on it and say, "Hey, check this out!"

Be audacious.  Don't wait for your work to be perfect - share it!

"Be ye not afraid to make mistakes!"  That's my own proverb.  (Is it appropriate or is it slightly strange to quote oneself?) Well, to continue... I say, "get messy, get all full of paint and let the creative project lead you."  In other words, get out of your own way.

We've already established I'm imperfect and don't have all the answers.  Here's another secret: I have not yet mastered my craft!  (But I'm working on it.)  Perhaps you're in the same boat?

If we are always growing, then a craft or skill can never truly be mastered, right?  So we are definitely all in the same boat!  There's always room to make new discoveries.  It's the process/the journey that is most exciting, wondrous and eye-opening.

By accepting my imperfections, I am becoming more beautiful and confident.  Having that new-found confidence and admitting I don't have all the answers, has given me the bravery or, better put, the audacity to share my creative ideas.

But there's a catch.  Some of these creative ideas (just waiting to burst forth) are things I can't do by myself.  I lack certain skills or development in 'the craft' needed to make these ideas come to pass.  The thing is, I need to collaborate with others who have the needed skills!

Don't be afraid to ask for advice or jump into a project with another person!  Is it scary?  Yes!  Will is sometimes not work out?  Yes.  Can it be amazing and might you reach new heights of success and completion by working with someone else?  Yes.  A thousand times yes. :)

I'm an actor, but I need words to speak, cast mates and a stage.  Without the writer, director and producer, I cannot create on the level I desire.  I'm also a singer and a newbie songwriter but my songs will remain stuck between the three walls of my shower and that shiny, plastic curtain until I partner up with a musician and an arranger!

Perhaps you've got an amazing idea but you're feeling stuck because you don't have all the resources or skills to bring your creation to life all by yourself.  Open up to the notion of letting others in.  In time you will find your collaborators (a.k.a. your partners in crime)!

Accept yourself as you are and allow a metamorphosis to take place.  You will feel a change in your physical being.  Your beauty & confidence will progress and play out in your life, allowing you to take bold risks.  You might feel brave.  Others may call you audacious!  Perhaps you'll create something BIG that once felt out of reach by collaborating with other creative cohorts!

I want to hear all about it!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

My name is Makenzie.  My family and friends call me Makie for short (and I like it).  I am an actor, singer, artist, cowgirl and thrift-store fashionista.  I love BIG & believe!

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Thank you for the straight forward words of wisdom. And yes, it is okay to quote oneself…I do it all the time! The one thing I have learned on my life’s journey is we are our worst critic. I don’t need anyone to criticize or give me a reality check I do that very well on my own thank you very much. But, learning to stop the critical analysis is the hard part. I am learning to accept me for who I was, am and ready to accept who I will be. I plan to influence that ‘will be’ with a good healthy dose of focusing on the process of living rather than the expected outcomes. Thanks for your words of wisdom and keep quoting.

Makie – lots of great advice; we are all indeed work in progress and need to shine from the inside out. I need to let go of certain work, get past fruitless perfectionism and share it – thanks for the reminder. I also agree that people who are confident & happy on the inside come across as more attractive regardless of their physical make-up.

Interesting that you mention opening yourself up to collaboration with others because this idea had appeared in my thought the past couple of days. It feels like a positive sign to then read your words on this.

Kat :-)

Thank you both, Katina and Angela. Yes! Collaboration is a biggie for me lately too. Just opening up to it and not being afraid to dive in! That perfectionism is quite the halting force at times. May we all accept who we are and allow ourselves to become who we want to be. :) Thanks so much for your kind words!

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