One Month

June 2nd, 2011

It's surprising and at the same time not so surprising that it has been one month since our little peanut came into the world. Time bends in strange ways when your days blend into your nights. Seeing her every moment of the day, it doesn't feel like she's changed much, but then I look back at pictures of those first few days and the changes are amazing! It makes me happy that we went to get some pictures taken of her to celebrate her turning one month.

It feels like we're just starting to turn a corner, finding the slightest bit of a flow. And as a sweet reward, we're starting to have some fun interactions, her eyes follow toys, she reacts to our voices, and she gives the sweetest little smiles, especially in the morning. And sometimes she seems to be talking to us in little coos. So sweet.

She's so precious and so loved!

I've got some more fabulous guest posts lined up for you this month, while I continue to experience this metamorphosis into new mom. Hope you enjoy them and the start of summer!

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Absolutely Beautiful! Your family is radiant! Big Hugs to you!

So sweet, thanks for sharing your photos.

Oh wow, she’s gorgeous! It’s amazing how having a small baby come into your life can distort your sense of time isn’t it :) You guys make a beautiful family.

That picture of the three of you is so sweet, and her in your guys’ hands….awwwww. She is so precious and I’m so glad you’re taking this time to really do it right and give yourself the space to do it! Being a mama is my #1 and all the other stuff I do is squeezed in while they sleep (art wise). You’ll find a flow that works for you guys as times moves on. One month hey? It flies by…soon she’ll be turning 3 (my baby is). Love every moment you can snag.

So precious!

She is absolutely precious!!! <3

So lovely…thanks for sharing and wishing you so much love :)

Leah – what a beautiful family you have. This post is wonderful. Thank you for sharing her growth with us.

She’s just divine Leah. Thank you for showing us these; I’ve been wondering how you’ve been doing!x

such a lovely baby,, we both put our babies up today,, lovely post,

Sweet, sweet congratulations. Thanks for the update. She’s just beautiful. My oldest turned 13 two weeks ago – it went by like a flash (although in difficult moments it seemed like it would last forever)! Your post brought me right back to those early, sweet and love-kissed moments. All the best to your family.

sweet perfection!

What aimee says: it does go by in a flash, otherwise how in the world would I have nine year old and almost 2 year old *grand*kids?!!! These photos are magic! They will be most magic when you are writing what I just did! (she’s beautiful!)

Sweet baby, sweet family, thank you for posting!

Really beautiful pics.

Oh, she is so precious and beautiful! Your family portrait is wonderful. Enjoy every minute!

Aww, she’s so beautiful and cute! Beautiful pics!

Congrats for your lovely family:)


Lovely pix – such a darling little girl.


OH so beautiful and precious! Enjoy every moment, Leah, because they grow so fast. :)

Love, light and peace,

These photos are just wonderful. She is gorgeous!! I’ve got baby fever. Much love, Makie

Ahhhh so sweet!!!

What an angel!

Ummm – cutest baby ever?

What absolutely adorable pictures. Thanks for sharing the joy of new life :) .
Stay inspired!

those hands holding that sweet face… that just picture makes me want to weep with tenderness and joy for your little family.

Thanks for sharing your photos. You’re a beautiful family. I love the way she’s studying your face.

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