July 29th, 2011

What you lookin' at, Mama?

This is the little, nearly 3 month old munchkin who has been keeping me on my toes day and night. She's pretty darn cute though.

I've been itching to find more time to create, but my arms are often full and I'm only grabbing a few moments here and there for creating. You can always find creative outlets if you're looking for them though.

For me, that has often been through instagram. A small, portable creative outlet that I carry with me via my iphone, which also helps me stay connected to the outside world, while simultaneously helping me keep track of how long it's been since I breastfed the baby last.

I've been using instagram to capture lots of sweet moments with the baby,

but also the little bits of beauty I see around the house,

while out on walks or jogs,

or while packing art up to send off to a new home.

So much fun!

p.s. I'm leah_art on Instagram if you play there too. Also, I just got a tip from @LindaUrsin that SnapBucket is a great alternative for those who don't have an iphone! Thanks, Linda!

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I’m loving instagram too! I really appreciate your line, “You can always find creative outlets if you’re looking for them”. Your munchkin is adorable.

the one of her sleeping is sweet! ditto on lovin’ instagram :)

Oh, Leah,

She is adorable. I wish you lived close enough so I could see/hear that laugh and give her a squeeze.


You are doing the most creative thing a person can do–CREATING a beautiful new person for the world to enjoy and be blessed with. Good work, mom. :-)

She sure is a bunch of eye candy Momma!!

She is adorable! So cute!

Btw, loved the pics! :)


She’s one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen! Lovely! And I totally know what you mean about finding those moments to create. I often create my paintings in five minute increments throughout the day!

She’s so beautiful and seems like she’s such a happy baby! nancy

Good grief – she is so adorable! I’ve been using Hipstamatic a lot, but gotta check out the whole instagram community. Maybe I’ll see you there…during nap time, of course. :)

And just think, the pressure on all creativity is now off… this beautiful little one is the most amazing and wonderful creation possible. Yay, way to create smiles and wonders.

Oh she sure is a cutie. Oh and I love the painting you showed, just beautiful!

Hi Leah, Has it been 3 months already ! Time flies. She sure is a cutie. Happy weekend, Evelyn

Leah, that sweet little girl of yours is just darling. I wish I could pick her up for a snuggle and nibble those cheeks. Welcome to stealing moments when you can to create, it’s more fun this way, with the little ones asking for all our time.

A very belated congratulations on becoming a mom, Leah! And what a beautiful baby she is. Oh my. I know how you feel about not having much time to create with a tiny one taking up all of your time and attention. But noticing the changes in your little girl – it all happens so fast!!! – will definitely feed your creative soul. I know it. best, mari

Oh man Leah, what a beautiful little girl she is. Just keeps getting cuter :) :) Glad you are well and enjoying taking photographs !

Your little peanut is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

It’s been so long since I’ve visited! Wow your sweetie is getting big!! Congratulations!!

It really is fun to snap photos with an iPhone, isn’t it? As much as I love my camera, I find myself just grabbing my phone because it’s easier. I’ve never tried Instagram before, but you’ve inspired me!

awwww she is so adorable!

What a cutie patooty! Just too cute in the little white outfit!

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